Character certificate format for competitive exams interview

Need of Character certificate

Many competitive exams in India require you to produce character certificate or conduct certificate.Both the certificates mean the same.You can use the format mentioned in the post for both the cases character as well as conduct certificate.

You have to produce them during interview.This document is needed to confirm moral conduct of the candidate.Many candidates are confused about character certificate.They are not aware from whom they should get it.Also there is confusion about format of the document as well.

I am writing this post to clarify all such doubts and also I am attaching format of character certificate.You can download the document and print it.After that you can fill in the details as mentioned in this post.The exams which need you to produce conduct certificate are IBPS,LIC ADO,LIC AAO and other similar exams.

I have also listed the individuals who can issue the documents.So after taking print out of the document you can reach out to them.They will sign and put seal on the document.In case you have any doubts about the format or process do let me know.

Format of Character certificate

Format of Character Certificate is shown below.Note you have to write your name and other details in the blanks shown be _____.I have also mentioned instructions as well within braces.You can copy and paste the below content in any word document or download the PDF document at the end of the post.

For example below you can remove the things written with in braces () and replace the whole text with applicable text.That is replace braces and write your name here with your Full name.Similarly you should do for other texts.In case you have any confusion or doubts feel free to share your concern or queries.

                                           Certificate of Character

Certified that I have known _____________________________(write your name here)____________ S/o ___________________(write your father's name here)_________________________________ of ___________________(write your full postal address)_________________ for _______(duration in years for example 5 years or 10 years)_____ and that to the best of my knowledge and belief he/she (as per your gender) bears reputation character and has no antecedents which render him unsuitable for Government Employment.

Mr. or Miss or Mrs (as per your case) __________(your name)_________ is not related to me.

I wish him/her (as per your gender) all success in all his/her (as per your gender) future endeavors.

Place : ________________
Date : _________________

Signature : _______________
Designation with official seal : ______________

Character certificate format download

You can download character certificate format in PDF.You can then print the PDF file and create character certificate for yourself.You can click on Google Plus one button to download the Character Certificate in PDF format.This helps us to prevent unwanted download of the file which may impact website.

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You need to enter your name and email address below. The download link will be send to your Email address. You can download the file after clicking on that download link.

Name *

Email *

Who can issue Character certificate?

There are number of persons who can issue character certificate.The best persons are college or school principal,your local Councillor,any Gazetted officer and any other reputed person who is not related to you.The format remains the same in all cases.

You can have two character certificates and use the same ones in all recruitment.There will not be any issue.The documents should not be more than one year old.In case you have older document you can get a new one.


Hope this will help you get an idea of format of conduct certificate.Consider sharing the post in case you found this useful.

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