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IBPS interview experience shared by candidate on mail  


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September 5, 2017 12:57 pm  

There were 3 members in Interview panel. The middle person looked the most senior one. I have named them M1 , M2 and M3. The M3 was the most senior person of the interview panel.

M1- Tell me what is famous in your district.
Me -answered.

M1-Modi had visited your place why?

M2-what is Niti Ayog?
Me-answered but unable to expand it.. he helped me later I told.

Madam -What is BBBP?
Me -I donno madam
She -helped me saying beti…
Me -beti bachao beti padav

M2-what is jan dhan yojna?
Me -answered

M3 super senior – Where are you working?
Me -replied

M3- asked one question on my work
Me -replied

M4- what is famous in your place?
Me -said
But he replied one more
I dint know
He told me

The candidate cleared the interview.


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