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What are some tips for clearing the IIT JAM physics?  


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October 12, 2018 8:30 am  

Find the topics you know well and keep the aside. But practice them time to time to have more command.

Now find out the topics in which you are weak. Try to take help from the friends, teachers or from the online coaching.

Take the help from the previous year question papers and know the pattern of question asked in the exam. This will give you fair idea how to prepare.

Take online mock test and solve test papers.

Refer the good books for your preparation. Read out the reviews of the experts and check whether it contain the complete syllabus or not before buying any book from the market.

Don’t keep your doubts on yourself or for later. Ask them whenever you have time for IIT JAM Physics 2019. In any case you stuck in any problem, ask them with your professor. They will feel glad to help you.

Practice the numerical relating to those topics from class 11 and 12. The more you practice the more you clear your basics and concepts.

I find that Griffiths and Feynman are two of the best authors.

This is one of the important points. Do not loose focus and concentration. Always believe in yourself. You can make it.

Be absolutely familiar with the calculator that's provided to you. The Virtual calculator. It is on the computer itself, and the organizing institute makes it available on their website about a month before the exam.

All the best 🙂

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