IBPS Computer Knowledge online tests

Need of Computer Knowledge test series

Basic knowledge of Computer is important for Indian competitive exams.Almost all exams have Computer Awareness or Computer Knowledge section.Popular exams like IBPS Clerk,IBPS PO and other Bank exams,LIC and other Insurance exams, other state and Government exams.

All these exams have 20 marks or 40 marks.Computer section of specialist officer (mainly IT officer) is different. Other posts mainly deal with Basic understanding of Computers.Since usage of computers have increased over time.It is expected that new joiner will have knowledge of computers.

This online test series is created with above exams in mind.I have included previous year questions along with questions important for current year.I would not recommend this test series for IBPS Specialist or any other IT specialist office exams.

The test series covers basic computer knowledge as per above exam syllabus.Each online test has 30 questions.All the questions are with answers.After the exam you can see your score along with score of others as well.This will give you idea about your preparation level.

The challenging part of Computer section preparation was books and test series.I have tried to answer the problem with this test series.Along with this test series you can use Mobile App as well.Mobile App has all the questions with answer and explanation.

Computer Knowledge test series links

Below are links to online test.You can click on the links to access the tests.

Computer Knowledge test series details

All the questions in test series are unique.None of the questions are repeated.So the test series cover all the topics form which questions are asked in exams.I have also divided questions into below groups

  • Computer Hardware
  • Microsoft Office
  • Computer Software
  • Computer Basics

Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware group covers questions from Hardware.Computer Hardware is an important topic for the exams.You will definitely get questions from computer hardware topic.The topic is also not very wide.It covers basic knowledge about different parts of computer and their generic functions.

If you are aware of different components of computer then this section is easy for you.Knowledge of input devices,output devices.RAM,ROM and CPU make up this section.I would recommend learning this topic seriously.As every year we do have questions from this topic.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is an interesting topic.More because it has two uses.Microsoft Office is asked in practical exams as well as written test.In practical exams also you need to know the keyboard shortcuts and different things you can do with Microsoft Office.

The only difference is typing speed.Typing speed is important in practical exams but is not important in written test.Knowledge of Microsoft Office packages like Word,Excel and PowerPoint are very important for written test as well as practical exams of some Indian Competitive exams.

Questions from these are asked in exams.The online test covers Microsoft Office in details.It covers all the three important packages Word,Excel and PowerPoint.The extensive range of questions and different types of questions help you find answer of most questions asked in these exams.

Microsoft Office questions cater need of students preparing for Practical tests.The questions are Practical oriented.So by following the online test series you are preparing for practical test as well as written test.Every year you have good amount of questions from this topic in written test.Practical tests have almost all questions from this topic.

Computer Software

Computer Software topic is yet another important topic.It has questions from basic computer software part.Things like classification of computer software based on usage,application,license and price compromise this section.Along with computer software working on Microsoft Windows operating system questions also form this section.

The representation of this section in written test is less compared to other sections mentioned above.But questions from this section is easy.You can easily score marks in this section.In practical exam importance of this section increases.Almost all time you have to work on Microsoft Windows operating system.

So work experience and knowledge of common tasks performed on Microsoft Windows will help you in practical exam.In the online test there are questions which provide you working knowledge of Windows Operating system.These questions help you immensely in practical exams.

Computer Awareness

There were questions asked in exams which can not  be put into above three groups.These questions were added into this section.The questions were basic questions about Computers but not related to any of the three topics mentioned above.

Recent updates on Computer world is also covered in this section.There is no fixed syllabus of this topic. But questions are mostly related to generic internet usage,internet security and common computer terms which are in news recently.

Computer security things like Virus,Trojan etc are important topic for this section.You can expect few questions from Computer Awareness in written test.This section is not useful for practical exams.So if you are only preparing for practical exams then you can skip this section.

Computer Knowledge test series features

Some of the features useful for students are

  • Comparison of scores with top scorers
  • Negative marking as in real exam
  • Time based test as in real exam
  • Group wise score display which helps candidates decide in which section they are weak or strong
  • Students can give exams unlimited time
  • You can see correct answer after exams

As you can see I have tried to create real exam scenario for all tests.It will benefit you.You should practice these online exams before appearing for real exam.Most of the exams nowadays are online exams.Since the tests are online and similar to real exams they will give you real practice.

The explanation of questions in online tests are in Computer Mobile App.You should install mobile app for explanation part.Also mobile app has daily online exam as well.


I will be updating this post with new online test links.The new questions will be taken from previous year question.Also there will be questions important for current year exam.You can also post your questions which you want answered.If the question is good I will include it in exams as well.

Feel free to share your thoughts and questions using below comment form.Consider sharing this post in case you found it useful.