Earn Money with IBPSSC

How can you make money with IBPSSC

You can make money with IBPSSC.You just have to share your experience with us. If you are interested read on the post.

We want this website to be useful for each and every student preparing for exams. We know in today’s world helping someone get a job is ultimate thing. Also we want students to earn money as well while preparing for their exams.You can earn money by any of below ways

Earn Money : 1

You can also share your interview experience or Group discussion experience.You can share interview questions along with answers you gave in the interview.We will review the content and then will release payment once the interview is published on this site.

You can also share your photograph and social website links if you want to. This will give you fame and you will earn money as well.Successful or Unsuccessful each interview will be paid at same rate.We may consider paying more to candidates sharing greater details and is helpful to students.

You can also create videos on your interview experience or how to solve problems.Creating videos will make you popular among candidates.Also it will help other candidates.You can make money for your videos as well.

All you have to do is make the video in language you prefer and will be helpful to candidates.You can then send the video to us.The video should not be published anywhere else.We will review the video and make you payment.

Payment Rate : 50 INR per interview.

Earn Money : 2

You can also write articles for you.The articles can be on different Competitive exams of India like IBPS,LIC,GIC,SSC,Railways,IES and Gate. Your articles will be reviewed by us and once it is published on this site you will be paid.You can not republish the same article anywhere else.

Also please do not send us articles which are published anywhere else.In that case we will block you forever. Articles should be more than 1000 words unique and interesting.It should be helpful to students as well.You can also share any articles which will help students in their exams like solving a particular type of problems etc. If you have doubt you can send your idea and we will get back to you.

Payment Rate : 100 INR per article.

Earn Money : 3

We also offer regular earning opportunity for candidates who want to join us. As a role you will have to write articles for the site.We want dedicated writers for selected topics.You can share the topic you will write about and we will get back to you.

You will be paid 50% of money your articles earn.We will review your articles though and help you earn money as well.

Payment Rate : 50% of money your articles make.

Payment Mode and other details

For all the above ways you can earn money every week or every month as per the mutual agreement. There is no minimum or maximum amount of money you can make. For example you can select to withdraw 100 INR if you wish.You do not have to earn certain amount before getting paid.

For the payment you need to have Bank account. The payment will be made by UPI or through direct bank transfer or PayPal.

Share your article with Us

You can share your article along with picture with us. We will inform you if your article is approved and will make payment if it is published on the site.