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GATE Ecology and Evolution Overview

Ecology and Evolution is one of the GATE paper. It is not very popular paper as of now. With time this may become popular. As the topics are very important.In this article I will share materials which will help you crack this paper with ease. I will cover below topics

  • Paper Statistics
  • Free Online tests
  • Recommended Books
  • Detailed Syllabus
  • Free Mobile App

I have written separate article on GATE exams. You can read that article for details like eligibility criteria, exam format. You can also post your queries as well.

GATE Ecology and Evolution Statistics

Below are some interesting statistics about this paper

  1. Number of candidates registered for the exam – 1000 (approx)
  2. Number of candidates appeared for the exam – 700 (approx)
  3. Number of qualified candidates – 139
  4. Percentage of candidates qualified – 20% (approx)
  5. Maximum marks out of 100 – 89
  6. Minimum marks out of 100 – 30.67
  7. Average marks – 55
  8. Standard Deviation – 13.01

The number of candidates registered for this paper and number of candidates appeared for this paper is lowest among all GATE papers. It also has the lowest number of passed candidates.The average marks is one of the highest compared to other papers.

This concludes that it is high scoring paper. The pass percentage is at par with other papers. Maximum candidates have marks in the range of 40 to 60. So you need to score more than 60 or 65 to get good ranks.You can use materials mentioned below for better preparation of the paper.

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GATE Ecology and Evolution online tests

I have created few sets of GATE Ecology and Evolution online tests.The tests contain previous year GATE questions.There are also sample questions important for current year GATE exams.We will not present too many tests with repeated questions just to increase the number.Rather we will give you few tests with unique set of numbers.

Below are the links to the tests.Note all the tests are free and you can attempt them any number of times.

All the tests simulate real exam like environment.It has negative marking and time based tests.So you can test your speed.The exams also show correct answer towards the end.So you can use it for practice as well as learning.

GATE Ecology and Evolution recommended books

I have also shared one book below.There are not much books available in market on GATE Ecology and Evolution paper.The best is to use your own curriculum books.Along with that and the online tests shared above you can use below book.Below book is written with GATE exams in mind.So you can refer it during later stages of preparation.

Above book is nicely written book on GATE Ecology and Evolution paper.You can refer this book along with online tests and your curriculum books for preparation.

GATE Ecology and Evolution syllabus

It is good to know exact topics you should prepare for GATE Ecology and Evolution paper.This way you can focus on things to cover and things to leave.Instead of trying to read each and every topic under the sun it is better to read all things under a topic and then move to next.So while preparing for exams or revision you should consult below syllabus.

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The syllabus outlined below is the latest one.It is taken from the official website of GATE exams (link).The GATE exams links are not always working.So it is produced here for your reference.

Section 1: Ecology

Population ecology; metapopulation dynamics; growth rates; density independent growth; density dependent growth; niche concept; Species interactions: Plant-animal interactions; mutualism, commensalism, competition and predation; trophic interactions; functional ecology; ecophysiology; behavioural ecology;

Community ecology: Community assembly, organization and evolution; biodiversity: species richness, evenness and diversity indices; endemism; species-area relationships; Ecosystem structure, function and services; nutrient cycles; biomes; habitat ecology; primary and secondary productivity; invasive species; global and climate change; applied ecology.

Section 2: Evolution

Origin, evolution and diversification of life; natural selection; levels of selection. Types of selection (stabilizing, directional etc.); sexual selection; genetic drift; gene flow; adaptation; convergence; species concepts; Life history strategies; adaptive radiation; biogeography and evolutionary ecology;

Origin of genetic variation; Mendelian genetics; polygenic traits, linkage and recombination; epistasis, gene-environment interaction; heritability; population genetics; Molecular evolution; molecular clocks; systems of classification: cladistics and phenetics; molecular systematics; gene expression and evolution.

Section 3: Mathematics and Quantitative Ecology

Mathematics and statistics in ecology; Simple functions (linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, etc); concept of derivatives and slope of a function; permutations and combinations; basic probability (probability of random events; sequences of events, etc);

frequency distributions and their descriptive statistics (mean, variance, coefficient of variation, correlation, etc). Statistical hypothesis testing: Concept of p-value; Type I and Type II error, test statistics like t-test and Chi-square test; basics of linear regression and ANOVA.

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Section 4: Behavioural Ecology

Classical ethology; neuroethology; evolutionary ethology; chemical, acoustic and visual signaling Mating systems; sexual dimorphism; mate choice; parenting behaviour Competition; aggression; foraging behaviour; predator–prey interactions; Sociobiology: kin selection, altruism, costs and benefits of group-living.


The online tests also help you get an idea of important topics and their weightage in GATE exams over the years.The tests are created from previous year GATE exams.Practicing the online tests help you.You come to know your strength and type of questions featuring in GATE exams.The direction of preparation whether going in right direction or not can be determined using my tests.

You should intelligently use the exams.That is practice the exams after reading the logic part.You should take it as before exam test.You can also post your questions here.Consider sharing this post in case you found this useful.

You can also use below Android App for preparation. The App has questions with solution. It is also free and available on Google Play. You ca install the App and practice anytime and any number of time. There are unlmited online tests in the App.Below is the link of the App

GATE Exams Android Mobile App

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