GATE Exams Android Mobile App

GATE Exam Android App link

Recently I launched Android Mobile App for GATE exams. There was lack of mobile app which covers all the papers of GATE exams so I created this mobile app.GATE Android App is completely free. You can install it on your Android Mobile App just like any other App from Google Play store.

You can search Google Play store with my name Esha Upadhyay or something like Esha GATE. This will give you my app in search results. You can then install it the same way you install other mobile apps. The App size is very less so it will not be heavy on your data.

You can also click on below link to install GATE mobile App. Below is the link of GATE Mobile App on Google Play.

GATE App Google Play link

GATE Exam Android App papers

Below is the list of papers of which the App contains unlimited online tests.It also offers practice mode in which you can practice questions asked in last online test.This makes sure you are preparing and know the mistakes made in last online test.

1. Aerospace Engineering
2. Agricultural Engineering
3. Architecture Engineering
4. Bio Chemistry
5. Biotechnology
6. Botany
7. Chemical Engineering
8. Chemistry
9. Civil Engineering
10. Computer Science
11. Ecology and Evolution
12. Electrical Engineering
13. Electronics
14. Food Technology
15. Geology
16. Geology and Geophysics
17. Geophysics
18. Instrumentation Engineering
19. Mechanical Engineering
20. Metallurgical Engineering
21. Microbiology
22. Mining Engineering
23. Petroleum Engineering
24. Physics
25. Polymer Science
26. Production and Industrial Engineering
27. Textile Engineering
28. Zoology

GATE Exam Android App syllabus

The mobile App also contains updated detailed syllabus of every subject. This makes sure you are aware of recent updates or changes in GATE exams. Syllabus of all papers are covered in the app. Also the syllabus is broken into multiple topics.

The division of syllabus helps you plan your studies. For example you can select the topics you will be focusing more and leave the topics you are not too confident on.It helps in selective preparation.

What GATE Exam Android App has?

GATE Android App of mine has unlimited online tests for all papers. Not only so you can compare your response with correct ones after exams. The App keeps track of your marks in last ten online tests. You can see your performance in last ten exams.

This helps you know  if your preparation is moving in correct direction.For example if your score is improving other the time then it is good for you. It also shows you number of questions attempted , number of wrong answers and number of questions left.

The App uses artificial intelligence to come up with conclusion based on your recent performances. It suggests you and tells you area of improvement based on last ten exams performance. This feedback will help you move in correct direction and work on areas improvement is required.

The online tests resemble real GATE exams. It has negative marking ,it has time limit.So you will feel like giving real exams. Also after exams you can practice same set of questions time and again. This was to ensure candidates are learning and knowing which questions they made mistake.

Ideally you should take exams first. After exams compare your answer with correct answers. Also you will get details like time taken , number of questions answered , number of questions left , number of questions answered wrongly. These parameters help you understand your performance in online test.

After taking exams and evaluating these parameters you can practice the online test. You can practice as many times as you want. In practice mode correct answer is displayed as soon as you answer the question.After practicing you can again take the exams.

You can then see your performance in exams after practicing and before practicing. The App keep record of last ten exams. Comparing these two marks will give you idea of benefit you had after practice. This way you can use this mobile app for better preparation of GATE exams.


I will be updating the mobile app with new questions with time. Importance was given to questions which are important for upcoming GATE exams. So we selected only important questions instead of all types of questions. Focus was on quality of questions not on quantity of questions.

The App also has previous year GATE exams questions. Previous year questions help in identifying the question pattern over the years. So you get mixture of previous year questions along with model questions important for current year GATE exams. This makes the mobile app very important for preparation of GATE exams.