General Insurance companies assistant interview questions

General Insurance companies assistant interview planning

General insurance companies are conducting a common recruitment exam for recruitment of assistant post.The exam consists of two stages written test and interview.The total marks is 50.Written test marks will be calculated on scale of 35.Interview will be of 15 marks.

So written test will have 70% weightage an interview will have 30% weightage.The total marks in written test is 250.So your marks on scale of 35 will be calculated as (marks you got / 250 * 35). Very good marks in written test will help you secure your place but interview will play important role in determining the border cases.

So you should take interviews seriously and start preparing for it.General Insurance companies interview will be different from that of IBPS interview or other similar interview.IBPS exam is for banks and General Insurance company exam is for Insurance company.

You might face questions from Insurance domain.This adds in complexity of interview.Also the recruitment format is new so candidates are not aware of interview questions and pattern.I have written this post to give an idea of interview questions,Insurance questions and also interview tips which are applicable for all interviews.

So this post will help you plan your General Insurance companies interview.You should start planning for the interview right away without waiting for written test result.The reason is the effort you put during this period will help you score over candidates who start preparing for interview after written test result declaration.Also it will help you in other interviews as well.As most of you have filled more than one exam application it will be beneficial for other exams as well (barring the insurance questions) which might not be helpful for other exams like IBPS.

General Insurance companies assistant interview questions

General Insurance companies interview questions can be divided into below groups.

  • Reasoning ability questions
  • Basic Insurance questions
  • Basic profile based questions
  • Situational questions
  • HR questions
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Basic Insurance Questions

This is probably most difficult section of interview questions.There is no such information shared by General Insurance companies about syllabus and area to be covered under Insurance domain.But they expect basic insurance knowledge from candidates.

Since you are going to be part of Insurance industry this basic terms and terminologies will be asked in interview.You might be aware of general flow and process but this is not sufficient.Knowledge of technical terms used in Insurance industry is expected.

I have created a document with basic knowledge of Insurance industry.This document is created specially for candidates appearing for General Insurance companies interview.The document consists of questions and answers both.You can download the document using download link given.This will be sufficient for your interview purpose.But in case you feel you want more information feel free to update me.

I will update the document with more questions or questions asked by you and upload it so that you can download the same.Basic insurance questions will be asked to candidates who do not much experience or who have experience in other industry.Candidates who have experience in Insurance industry can face questions relevant to their experience.

HR Questions

HR questions are other difficult section for experienced candidates.It is not that tough for freshers.I might sound bit strange but this is reality.Experienced candidates face questions like Why you want to join as General Insurance companies?

To help you answer this question and questions similar to this it is good to have idea of General Insurance Assistant job profile.As General Insurance assistant you will be responsible for claim processing.You will have to take insurance forms,do necessary documentation,process the forms and maintain records.

The job profile is at par with Bank clerks but you will not have people dealing as much as bank clerks.So job profile is not too demanding.Also you can get promoted internally to higher posts of AAO and Manager as well.So it is good career to opt for.It is stable have growth potential and is very promising indeed.

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I have included list of HR questions along with answers in document.You can download the document using the download link above.

Profile based questions

You will have few questions on your profile as well.These are filler questions but sometimes become difficult.They might ask you about gaps in education.They can ask you about gaps between education and job.These questions if not tackled in appropriate manner does make thing worse.They will follow up questions based on your answer and that will end the interview in failure.

You can download complete list of all questions using the download link given in the post.Since we have an idea of questions asked in interview it is time to get details about interview process.Having an idea of interview process will help you.

General Insurance companies assistant interview process

Lets get an idea about interview process.You will have to carry all the documents as mentioned in admit card.I have prepared list of documents need in interview.You can download the same using download link given in the post.You will have to sit in interview hall and documents will be collected.You should have two photocopies and original document set.

After collecting the documents it will be matched and then you will be called in for interview.The interview duration is approximately 15 minutes.There will be three persons in interview panel.The middle person is the main interviewer (or most experienced and important one).

You will have only 15 minutes at the maximum to impress the interviewers.SO it is important to make a good start and follow basic etiquette as mentioned in the interview tips document.You can download the interview tips document from download link.

After having idea of questions,interview process and downloading all the documents shared in this post it is time to stat preparation for the General insurance companies interview.

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General Insurance companies assistant interview preparation

Preparing for interviews can be tough.Candidates are not aware topics to study as the general feeling is that anything can be asked in interview.This makes you feel that there is no point studying for interview as there is no definite questions to be asked.

You will have lots of time.Utilizing this time efficiently is important.Above you have seen questions asked in interview.You have questions along with answers about Insurance domain.The first step is to learn and understand the Insurance questions and answers in this blog post.

Second step is to get prepared for interview.If you have not faced interview before it is going to be tough for first time.The reason is nervousness.It happens to all of us.So it is better to prepare for this.You need to practice communication skill,answering the questions with confidence and maintaining proper composure.

All this skill set come with practice.So practice with our friends and give interviews to them (in serious environment).It is god to write all the answers and read them.You should get the answers reviewed by your friends or parent or here also.This will help you come up with a decent answer.Also after writing an answer try to find out additional questions arising from it.You should also answer those questions as well.

General Insurance companies assistant interview free downloads

The document contain Insurance questions with answers.Also you can try online Insurance questions with answers for preparation.You can also try my Insurance mobile app as well for preparation.

Exam preparation material free download

Along with above material if you want to use a book then you can buy below book.

Link to book


In case you need any help regarding interview feel free to share your queries using below comment form.Consider sharing the post in case you found this useful.

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