IBPS Banking Awareness Knowledge online tests

Importance of Banking Awareness

Banks are one of the major recruiter for young work force in India.Also Banking offers a lucrative career as well.Candidates have aim to join Banks.To join Banks they have to clear Bank entrance tests.

Major Bank exams at this moment are IBPS,RBI,SBI,NABARD,EXIM and other Private Bank exams.In all the Bank exams written test Banking Awareness (also called Banking Knowledge) is an important section.

Banking Awareness section is less time consuming and high scoring section.Having said that candidates face problem in preparation.They have to search around and look for the questions and their answers.

Not only in written test basic understanding and concepts of Banking is important for Interviews as well.This makes Banking section one of the most useful section.In my opinion it is the most useful section of Bank exams.

Banking Awareness remains same across the Bank exams.So if you are preparing for one Bank exams the same will remain useful for other Bank exams.The only thing you may have to prepare separately are questions related to that Bank’s history.

For example if you are preparing for SBI then you may have to learn about SBI history.But all others things learnt will be applicable and useful for IBPS or other similar Bank exams.

Also it is not specific to post you are applying for.Banking Knowledge remains same for Bank Clerk or Bank PO.Even if the posts are for IBPS exams or SBI or any other private banks.

Banking Awareness Online Tests

Due to importance of Banking questions I created a Mobile App for Banking Knowledge.The Mobile App is free of cost.It provides answers as well as detailed explanation for every question.

There is also daily online exam as well.The online exam helps you test your preparation level.So if you are preparing for Bank exams then this mobile app is a must thing for you.You can install the mobile app on your Android device from this link.

Along with Mobile App I created this 10 part online test series.You can try the online test series and see your performance in comparison to others.All questions in the test series are unique and are with answer.

Correct answer to the problem is displayed at end of the quiz.So you will get an idea where you made mistake.Below are the links to the tests.You can click on the links to take the quiz.All the quiz are free.

The exams are created taking previous year questions asked in different exams.Along with previous year questions it has model questions which may be important for current year exam.

Banking Awareness Question Groups

The questions of the quiz are divided into below groups

  • Banking Basics
  • Banking History
  • Banking General Awareness
  • Banking Regulations

Banking Basics

Banking basics section covers basic banking questions.Though some questions will be of advance level as well.Banking basics also has questions which may be not fit for other sections.

By basics you should not assume that there are no advance level questions in this section.The section will have questions of advance nature along with basics ones.

Banking History

In written exams and interview you will face questions related to Bank’s history or related to Bank.For example if you are preparing for EXIM bank exams then you will get questions about EXIM bank.

Questions about RBI and the bank for which you are preparing are important for exams.Banking history groups clubs questions like this.

Banking General Awareness

This section has questions which are like current affairs but related to Banking Industry.Along with current affairs related to banking industry it also has questions which are General Knowledge type related to Banking Industry.

You will also get questions related to different Yojanas and International Body related questions under this group.

Banking Regulations

Banking Regulations have questions from different Banking Acts and rules.These acts are very important for exams.The section have questions related to Acts along with other impacts of that act which may be important for exams.

All the test series questions are divided into one of these four groups.At the end of quiz you will see your performance in these groups.This will help you get an idea of your preparation level.

Each of the group is important for Banks exam.To simulate real bank exam online test the test series is time based.The best part is you can try the quiz as many times as you want.

As the answers are displayed at the end of the quiz it will help you in preparation.But for explanation of the questions you should install the mobile app.


The test series above will be updated with new questions in time.For every year exam new questions will be added and not so important questions will be removed.This is to ensure candidates get best preparation material.

This is to ensure you have the best material to prepare for current year Bank exams.Also along with above tests new tests will be added if there is need to add more questions.Every year new type of questions appear in bank exams.

So any online test series should be updated with time so that candidates have best set of questions.The test series have questions from previous year exams as well as model questions important for current year exam.

You can also share your thoughts or questions for which you are looking for answer.Your questions will be answered and also included in the test series if it is worthy of including in it.

So feel free to ask your questions and consider sharing the post in case you found it useful.You can compare your marks with that of your friends in online tests and see your preparation level.