IBPS Clerk exam paper answers download

What is IBPS Clerk exam ?

Bank Clerk is a promising career.Currently there are two exams to get into Government bank clerk position.The two exams are IBPS Clerk combined written examination.The second exam is SBI clerk exam.Apart from SBI all major banks clerk position is filled by IBPS Clerk exams.This is why IBPS Clerk is becoming one of the most important exams for candidates.

Before IBPS Clerk examination each bank had separate recruitment process for bank clerical post.IBPS clerk is centralized exam for bank clerk position in 19 public sector banks.You need to clear IBPS clerk written test.After clearing you can apply for bank clerk position in 19 public sector banks.This has helped candidates immensely.Now they can start preparing for this exam while doing there graduation.The number of vacancies are in tens of thousands.So there is great chance of getting a bank job.Each year number of candidates appearing for this exam is increasing.

IBPS Clerk Eligibility

There are three main parts of eligibility.The candidate should be graduate.You should have passed Graduation on the date you fill the application form.This is important.If your passing date is after last date of registration then you are not eligible for the exams.Many candidates have faced these issues in past.You should double check your mark sheet and provisional certificate for dates.

The second confusing point is computer literacy.You should have computers as subject in High School or Graduation.If it is there then you are computer literate.Also if you have degree or diploma or certificate in computers then also you are eligible.Many candidates have studied it but they do not have any proof.So make sure you have some proof of it.You can also contact your institute for proof of computer literacy.

The third confusing point is Age limit.For General candidates the upper and lower age limit are 28 year and 20 year.The upper age limit is relax-able for reserved candidates.For SC and ST candidates the upper age limit is relax-able by 5 years for OBC candidates (non creamy layer) the upper age limit is relax-able by 3 years.OBC creamy candidates are considered General candidate.

Knowledge of regional language is preferred.If you know regional language of a state then only fill form from that state.Read/Write or Speak local language knowledge is very important.In interview you will face these questions.

IBPS Clerk question paper format

IBPS Clerk will consist of Preliminary test,Main exams and Interview.Previous IBPS Clerk exams do not have Preliminary exams.So candidates first have to clear the Preliminary test to appear for Main exams.This is done to lessen the number of candidates appearing for Main exams.

Before planning for any exam it is better to know exam pattern and other details about the exams.IBPS Clerk Preliminary exam will consists of

  • English Language – 30 questions of one marks each
  • Numerical Ability – 35 questions of one marks each
  • Reasoning Ability – 35 questions of one marks each
  • Total number of questions 100 and total marks is 100.Total time for the exams is 60 minutes

IBPS Clerk Main exams will consist of

  • English Language – 40 questions of one marks each
  • Quantitative Aptitude – 40 questions of one marks each
  • Reasoning Ability – 40 questions of one marks each
  • General Awareness(with special reference to Banking Awareness) – 40 questions of one marks each
  • Computer Knowledge – 40 questions of one marks each
  • Total number of questions 200 and total marks is 200.Total time for the exams is 120 minutes

As shown in above table you have to answer 200 questions in 120 min (Main exams) and 100 questions in 60 minutes (Preliminary exams).This means you have less than one min per question.Now typically in IBPS exams 48% is sectional cut off.I have created one more table with sectional cut off.You can see the table later in the post.48% of 40 marks come as 19.2 so I have taken sectional cut off as 20.So you have to get 20 correct answers in each section to clear sectional cut off.

IBPS has also come up with Total Weighted Standard Score or TWSS.TWSS depend upon performance of other candidates in the written test.So your first aim should be to clear cut off in all sections (answering 20 correct questions in each section) and after that scoring as much as you can.Good score in written test helps you immensely.If you get great score in written test then you can easily get selected with decent interview.

IBPS Clerk question paper syllabus

As mentioned above IBPS clerical exam consists of Numeric ability,Reasoning,English,General Awareness and Computer Knowledge.These are very broad subjects.There is no mention of exact topics to cover.Candidates do not have any idea of topics to cover for each of the sections.I will try to give you a hint of syllabus of each section based on previous year IBPS clerk written exam question papers.

Numeric Ability

Numeric ability section tests your knowledge of basic mathematical formulas and its application.This section is designed to test your computational speed and accuracy.Since calculators are not allowed candidates have to do all calculations manually.The topics which are important for this section are

  • Series – There are around three to four questions from series.
  • Arithmetic problems – You will find around 5 questions from simple calculations.Problems will have basic arithmetic operators (BODMAS rule) and factors.These are simple but time consuming problems.
  • TIme and Distance,Time and Work – These are still favourite topics for IBPS clerk.You can easily find 4 questions from this topic.
  • Ratio,Mixture,Partnership – These three to four topics are often combined in a single problem.3 to 4 questions are based on these topics.
  • Profit and Loss,Interest rate – Every year around three questions are from these topics.
  • Rest of the questions are from Permutation and Combination (basic ones only),Clocks,Calendar and Pipe Cistern problems.
  • One or two question (each containing 5 questions) are from Data Interpretation.These are easy questions but require fast computational ability.They are based on average,ratio topics.
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Questions from these topics were very common in last years IBPS Clerk exams.You can expect good number of questions from these topics this year as well.I have included model questions along with previous year questions in my sample question paper.You can download the same using download link at bottom of the post.But to make most of the post please read on.


Reasoning section tests your logical analysis ability.You will have to apply logic on given problem to reach an inference.The syllabus of this section can be grouped based on type of problem asked.I am listed down important type of problems asked in this section based on previous year IBPS Clerk question papers.

  • 10 questions on Diagrams and pictures
  • 10 questions on puzzle type problems download above documents from details.There will be two questions containing 5 questions each.The beauty of these problems is you can answer all five questions correct.
  • 5 questions on Arguments
  • 5 questions on arguments and conclusions
  • 5 questions on Alphabets,patterns,arrangement.This question is in start of the section.It is bit time consuming but easy to solve.

Reasoning section is often termed as most complex one based on experience of last year IBPS clerical exams.You should prepare for each type of reasoning questions asked in old IBPS exams.So I have created sample questions based on previous year exams.You can use the set to prepare all types of reasoning questions asked in these exams.


Grammar is key in English section.Almost entire section tests your grammatical skill.There are couple of Antonym and Synonym.These two combined have 4 to 6 marks.These are based on unseen comprehension given in the IBPS clerk written test paper.Below is detailed description of English section

  • 20 marks from Unseen Comprehension.Antonym and Synonym are also from Unseen Comprehension.
  • 5 problems on spot the error or sentence correction.
  • Rest of the problems are fill in blanks using proper parts of speech like preposition,conjunction and Interjection.So parts of speech are very important.

Seeing the importance of Grammar in all previous year IBPS Clerk exams this year will be no different.You should prepare Grammar section well for good score in English.I have received many comments from visitors about English section preparation.The easiest thing to do well in English is Grammar.It is scoring as well as less time consuming.You should download English paper prepared by me and solve it.The papers contains answer as well.I have prepared English set based on questions asked in last year IBPS Clerk exam.

General Awareness with reference to Banking industry

I will advice candidates to read newspaper regularly with finance page in detail.Reading newspaper daily will help you follow the things like story.This makes it easier to understand the news and answer questions based on this.There is no particular syllabus for this section.Typically you should have idea of events from January month to October month.The events or news from April become more important from exams point of view.I will later discuss more about tips and tricks for this section.

This is the only section were you should not refer last year or old IBPS Clerk exam papers.This section is based on current scenario so referring back to older exam questions will not help.I have not included any paper for this section.As preparation of this section is best done using steps mentioned above.In case you are not comfortable with that you can let me know using comments.I will try to come with some material for this section as well.

Computer Knowledge

This is very broad subject.Candidates often get very confused about this section in particular.There is no details about topics to read.There is no specific book to read as well.Computer knowledge is very scoring section.You can use my computer app for preparation of this section.

Candidates from computer background do get advantage so other candidates have to prepare well.Since there is no clear indication from IBPS or Banks about syllabus of this section.I tried to figure out the syllabus based on my experience

  • Basic knowledge about computer parts – This covers CPU,Memory,Hard Disk and other things.You should know the terms and their use.
  • Internet basics – Email,website and other basic internet terms and terminology is important
  • Microsoft Office – This does make a good area.There are questions based on this.
  • Basic computer software terms and Windows operating system terms and idea – What is program? What is software? These basic terms and Microsoft Windows knowledge is tested in these sections.

I have created set of Computer Awareness questions along with answers.These are model questions with high probability of being asked in this year IBPS Clerk exam.You should download the document and try to get an idea of type of questions and topics from which they are.You can explore those topics on your own as well.

IBPS Clerk exam planning

Why planning is important?

Bank clerk is a stable recession proof job.The pay is decent.All this factors combined with centralized IBPS clerk recruitment exam have attracted post graduate and engineering candidates as well.The increasing number of candidates in this exam have also increased competition.So proper planning and preparation is required to be successful.Ideally one should start preparing for this exam well before exam date.I have seen candidates preparing for this exam after IBPS clerk recruitment advertisement.This is not great idea.

Distributing time between sections

Clearing sectional cut off in all sections should be your first target.To clear sectional cut off in all sections you should divide time properly.I have seen candidates who dedicate too much time on one section.They have to guess answer of one section to clear sectional cut off.But guessing does not work in these exams so they do not succeed.

The problem is we do not keep track of time while answering a particular section.Sometimes a section is easy.Sometimes you feel you can answer most of the questions in that section.You start answering the questions in a section and forget about other sections.So in one section you will have great marks but due to other section you will not pass the exams.

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Due to above problem it is good to start practicing sections with time limit.You should also follow these limits in exam. I have also divided time for each section.You can modify the time according to your suitability.I have dedicated more time to Reasoning and Numeric Ability.These sections are time consuming.You will have to do mathematical operation or reason out the answer.In the table given below you can find the time distribution along with order in which sections should be attempted.

Section Cutoff Time Order
Reasoning 20 30 4
Numeric Ability 20 30 5
English 20 20 3
General Awareness 20 20 1
Computer Knowledge 20 20 2
Total marks 100
Total Time 120 min

So it is better to dedicate more time to these sections.Also you should solve these sections in last.

Order of attempting the sections

In above table I have also indicated order in which you should attempt these sections.Since Numeric Ability and Reasoning are brain consuming sections they should be attempted last.So I have given them order 4 and 5.English can be tough for one candidate and might not be that tough for one candidate.This is scoring section.I will give detailed instructions on preparing this section below in this post.English should be attempted before above two sections.

General Awareness and Computer Knowledge are less time consuming and scoring sections.If you know the answer then it will not take much time to answer them.So you should dedicate less time on these sections.Computer knowledge and General Awareness sections should be attempted first.

Attempt best prepared section first

I would like to add one very important point here.It is good to attempt section you are best in.If you score good number of questions early in exam then it boosts your confidence.But if your first attempted section is not so good.Your morale will be down.You will not be able to perform well in rest of the sections.Students keep on thinking about previous worst section.

You might also get some difficult questions in your best section.This also creates pressure on candidates.They think I should score more as this is my best prepared section.But every section contain tough and easy questions.You should avoid wasting time on tough questions.Remember each questions has equal marks tough or easy or from any section.

So skip questions that are tough whether or not they are from your best section.Solving these type of question waste your valuable time and also lower down your confidence.So attempt best prepared section first but avoid tough questions or time consuming questions.Also do not dedicate too much time to your best prepared section.As ideally you should give more time to weak sections.So that you can clear weak sections.

IBPS Clerk written test preparation

When to start preparation?
It is clear that IBPS clerk exams will be conducted every year.So there is no reason not to prepare for this exam before hand.The time of exam is also getting fixed more or less.Each year IBPS clerk written test will be held in months of November or December.The interview will be conducted in month of February or March.For past couple of years IBPS Clerk notification comes in August.

So you know the schedule of IBPS clerk exams.Now the time is to start preparing.Candidates often ask How to prepare and plan for this exam.In this post I will try to cover these topics.You can also post your queries.I will love to answer your queries.I would suggest candidates to use different approaches for each section.The reason is same approach will not work for every section.


This is often most neglected section by candidates.They feel there is no need to prepare for this section.As mentioned in the syllabus section there are few standard question type asked in reasoning section.The best way to prepare for this section is solve these different types of questions regularly.You should not solve same type of problems over and over again.Better way is to solve different types of questions each week.

This will keep you in touch with those question types.After practising questions for some time you can start solving previous year papers or sample papers.While solving the papers if you make mistake in any problem then solve those type of problems again and try the paper after couple of days gap.You should not try the paper solving immediately.

You should attempt the question paper downloaded on this site.If you can solve most of the questions from that question paper then it means you have near perfect preparation.This way of reading solving and then again solving method is best way to prepare Reasoning section.

Numeric Ability

First of all you should grab a book and prepare the chapters mentioned in syllabus part.It is better to solve the examples and then the exercise given in the book.Solving the examples give you idea of what went wrong in case you made any mistake.I have already mentioned important chapter above.You should pay emphasis on these chapters more.

Nowadays concept of more than one chapter is used to frame questions.So you should not leave one chapter.For example Mixture chapter concept is added with percentage concept to create a question.So you should have idea of both chapters to solve question.After reading and solving the sample questions from the chapters you should start solving model question papers of IBPS clerk.

In case you made any mistake or any problem is taking too much time note the chapter from which problem belongs.Read the chapter again and start solving questions from the book.After couple of days (2 or 3 days) again solve the problem you did mistake.You should repeat this step every question.


English preparation method is same as mentioned above in Numeric ability section.In this section you will have to practice grammar from any book and then solve practice papers.The questions are not very difficult.Only questions based on basic topics are asked in IBPS clerk exams.

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In the syllabus section you can see major topics asked in English section of IBPS Clerk question papers.You should pay importance to these topics more.Grammar is most important section.

You should practice Grammar by hard.The other easy but good scoring section is Comprehension.You should practice solving comprehensions with time limit in mind.I would advice against memorizing Antonyms and Synonyms.You can leave this section and devote the time preparing other scoring sections.You can get one or two easy questions in Antonym and Synonym section.

General Awareness

Solving previous year IBPS clerk question paper is not suggested for General Awareness section.You should start preparing this section by reading newspaper daily.You can also watch news channel as well.You should focus more on economic news.Apart from reading and watching news paper and channel it is good to read monthly magazines.Any one of above if done regularly will help you remain updated.This is very scoring section and it is better to prepare this well.

You should focus more on RBI notifications and other news impacting Banking industry.Cobrapost,Money Laundering are some hot topics this year.News like this get place in IBPS clerk exams.I have also listed Banking question in IBPS Clerk interview post.You can also download that document from this link to prepare this section.

Computer Knowledge

Computer knowledge is scoring section.I would suggest every candidate to pay special focus on this section.This section can help you get good marks in less time.The time saved can be used to solve numeric and reasoning sections.To prepare computer knowledge section it is better to grab a computer basics book.There is no need to buy or read hi fi computer book.

It is also good to read previous year computer questions and answers.This help you get an idea about type of questions asked.Few computer section questions get repeated in IBPS clerk exam so you can benefit from that as well.I have also compiled common repeating computer questions.

IBPS Clerk Mobile Apps

I have created free mobile apps for all the sections of IBPS Clerk exams like Quantitative Aptitude,Logical Reasoning,English,Computer Awareness and General Awareness (special reference to Banking Awareness).You can install the mobile apps on your Android phones or Windows mobile.The mobile apps have problems along with detailed step by step solution.

Mobile Apps cover different types of problems as well as modules with different complexity.The problems have high chances of being asked in IBPS Clerk exams.Also as the problems are with step by step solution it will help you understand the concept and apply the same in IBPS Clerk exam.

You can also try free online tests as well.The tests are created with IBPS exams in mind and provide excellent pre exam preparation.You may also get similar question or same type of question in real IBPS Clerk exams as well.

IBPS Clerk question paper with answer free download

I have created questions set along with answers for all three major section Quantitative and Reasoning,Computer Knowledge and English.Some questions are taken from previous year IBPS Clerk exams.Some questions are sample questions.So you can use these model question papers for better preparation.

Exam preparation material free download

You should download these papers and solve them.Correct answers to the questions are provided in the paper.After clicking on this download link you will see a new page.On that new page either click on Facebook like button or Google plus one button or twitter Tweet button.After clicking on those buttons you will see Click here link.Click on the click here link to download the files.

The downloads Banks with maximum number of branches and revenue can be used to determine your Banking preference.You can select top banks with maximum number of branches in your state as primary option.If you make the choice based on above data then you can justify the same in IBPS interview as well.So do not put choices randomly use above information and then make a preference list.

After downloading the IBPS clerk exam papers read the post for better preparation.If you face any problem while downloading the documents or need any help on how to download the papers feel free to post comment below or contact me.

Online IBPS Clerk exam tips

Previous IBPS clerk exams (IBPS 1 and IBPS 2) were not online tests.But from this year the exams will be held online.So candidates should spend sometime with computers before appearing for written test.Even if you do not have computer at home then you can go to friends home or cyber cafe to just get familiar with computers.

By getting familiar with computers I mean using mouse fast to mark the answers and using keyword with care.Online exams are no different from original exams formats but it might prove difficult to candidates who do not have computer experience.

So part of your preparation is spending time with computers.You do not have to be that regular but it is good to spend some time browsing internet or using mouse and typing on notepad before written test.This would give you extra confidence and increase your answer marking speed while attempting real online IBPS Clerk written test.

Need Help

You should read the entire post and download IBPS clerk exam papers to make most out of this tutorial.You can also post your queries or problems while downloading the files.Consider sharing the post if you found this helpful.Sharing is caring and a way to appreciate my efforts.

Also if you want a book then you can buy below book.I would recommend using materials on this site as they are excellent resource.Many candidates have cracked the exams with use of them.But some students have also asked for book.Books helps them prepare during offline hours.For those students I have share link of the book

Click Here for Recommended IBPS Clerk Books

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