IBPS Clerk interview questions answers and tips

IBPS clerk examinations are fast becoming most important exams in India.Candidates aspiring for Bank clerk jobs must clear this examination.The examination has two parts written exams and interviews.Candidates scoring above cutoff marks in all sections are called for IBPS Clerk interview.

IBPS Clerk Interview Questions

Interviews are very important for a candidate.He must showcase himself and prove his candidature.Typically IBPS clerk interviews are of 15 minutes duration.Many candidates that they do not get enough time in IBPS clerk interview.But you can not change it.So it is better to be well prepared and answer first few questions correctly and with confidence.

Questions can be different for each candidate appearing in IBPS Clerk interview.Questions depend upon qualification of candidate, his background and also panel taking interview.Different panel have different questions.

But there are certain questions which are asked to most of the candidates.I will be listing such questions below along with answers.Also different questions can be clubbed into groups like current affairs,business knowledge (banking related questions),General Awareness and situational questions.I will also be listing these questions below along with answers.

I am listing some common questions asked to candidates in IBPS clerk interview.

IBPS Clerk interview questions – Based on your profile

Question 1 .Introduce yourself / Tell me about you

There is greater chance that your first question is tell me about yourself or introduce yourself.They want to know about your backgroud and other details with this question.Many interviewers use answer of this question to ask second question.If you are in a panel focusing on HR questions then this is must question.

How to write the Answer?

You must include below details in order to frame answer for above question

  • Your personal information.This includes your name,father name,number of brothers and sisters,mother name and your residential place.
  • Your Educational details.You should include name of your school or Board.In case you have good marks then mention it else do not mention marks.
  • Your Work Experience if any
  • Any additional qualification like diploma or certification in computers
  • Extra curricular activities if you have won awards then mention it.
  • Your hobby if any

Things to remember

You should not take more than 5 mins to answer this question.You should write down the answer first.Then try too read it out with a clock in front.Check the time taken to answer it.First question is most important one.A good answer to this question makes good impression.This also brightens your chances of clearing interview.

Question 2 .Questions on your hobby and extra curricular activities

Sometimes interviews do ask questions about your hobby and extra curricular activities.They assume that you should be able to answer questions related to your hobby.This is really important.So prepare well for questions related to your hobby.

Question 3 .Questions related to your family

It sometimes gets very interesting as well as irritating for candidates.Lets say your father is a business man.Then they will say Why do not you join your father’s business instead of joining as Bank Clerk.Again if your brother is in different occupation then they might say Why instead of choosing that career you are selecting IBPS Clerk? Through these questions they really want to know the reason of joining as Bank Clerk.

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Question 4 .Questions related to your education

Questions related to education arises if

  • you have gap in education.
  • you have gap after your last degree.
  • you have good marks in 10th or 12th but nor so good in graduation or other way around.

IBPS Clerk interview questions – General Banking

You are going to work as Bank Clerk after selection.So you should have decent knowledge of Banking industry.So knowledge of common banking terms and terminology is mandatory.They will not ask you complicated things or terms but be prepared to face common banking questions as mentioned below

  • Difference between Check and Draft?
  • What is overdraft?
  • Common banking terms and definitions like RTGS,NEFT
  • Difference between debit card and credit card

I have created a document of banking questions and answers.The document includes answers to above questions and also others along with answers.

Questions asked to over qualified candidates in IBPS clerk interview

IBPS clerk eligibility criteria is graduation with 55% marks.Now many candidates with Masters degree (MA ,MCOM ,MSc,MCA,MBA) and professional graduation degree like (BTECH,BE) are also appearing for this post.Candidates belonging to above education background have to face a question on this.They might ask you

  • Why you want this job after doing above degree?
  • You will leave this job after getting better opportunity.
  • Have you applied for other jobs as well?

I have not included the answers for these questions as answers will differ for each one of you.You should not give common answer as they will immediately understand.Your reason should match your profile and look realistic.

Questions asked to experienced candidates in IBPS clerk interview

Many candidates appearing for this exam already have job.They might be working in private sector or government sector.In case you are working in government sector then you will have to show no objection certificate.They might ask below questions to experienced candidates

  • Why are you leaving your current job?
  • if your current job package is more than they will ask why you want to join low paying job?.
  • If your job is not related to banking then they might ask a question on this as well

Please read above point for answers related query.

Current Affairs Questions asked in IBPS clerk interview

Some panels in IBPS Clerk interview do ask current affairs questions.Candidates should read newspaper to prepare for these questions.You can also watch news for this purpose.Current affair questions can be clubbed into below groups

  • Banking questions — Any new announcement related to Banking made by RBI (Reserve Bank of India).This is indeed very important as they expect you to be in touch with latest banking updates.You will be joining this industry so you should know these things.
  • City based questions — They may ask you questions on your hometown.These questions may not be i true sense current affairs questions.These questions are asked to check your knowledge about your city and locality.
  • Other major events — Out of world questions are sometimes asked but they do not expect you to answer all of them but if you do you have advantage.It is god thing to scan latest headlines for last one month before interview date.They might ask you few on these.
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Local Language Questions asked in IBPS clerk interview

Candidates having knowledge of local language are given preference.If you have applied for a state then you should have working knowledge of that state local language.They do test your local language knowledge so it is better not to lie about it.IBPS Clerk interview panel will check your local language knowledge using below methods

  • Read a paragraph from local language news paper or from a book.They do provide you the newspaper or book.This tests your reading skill.
  • Then they will ask you to make them understand meaning of the paragraph you read.You can use your mother tongue or English for that purpose.This tests whether you understand the language.
  • They might ask you to write something in local language.This test is not often carried out but they may ask you for it.

Candidates having no knowledge of local language should prepare for it.They do get preference over candidates with no knowledge of local language.

Scenario based questions asked in IBPS clerk interview

You can face scenario based questions in IBPS clerk interview.Interviewers try to judge your decision making capability using these questions.I am giving you one example.You and your best friend joined same Bank.Your best frined told you that he used wrong educational documents to get selected.Your friend is very poor.Now what will you do?

Other Questions asked in IBPS clerk interview

There are many questions depending upon your profile.Without getting a view of your profile it is difficult to tell questions to be asked.Above questions are standard ones you should prepare.Good answer to above questions leads to success.

How to prepare answers for IBPS Clerk interview questions

Follow below steps in order to prepare answers for these questions.

  • You should prepare your resume first.This is important.
  • After creating resume write down all the questions which comes in your mind.These are resume based questions (HR questions you are going to face in Interview).
  • After listing all the questions write down the answers.You can take help of your teachers or parent or me in case of any issues.
  • Get the answers reviewed by anyone knowledgeable.
  • This will help you get your answers right as well as help you find out questions asked based on these answers.
  • Start reading the answers and practice them hard.This is important for your confidence.
  • Now read Banking questions and newspaper for current affairs questions.
  • Read local language if you do not have knowledge of it.
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IBPS Clerk Bank preference

After cracking IBPS clerk interview you have to decide bank preference.I have created documents to help you make the decision.The data is taken from Reserve Bank of India so it is genuine.Two factors are important while deciding bank preference

  • Location — Number of branches bank have in your state.The more the number of branches bank have in your state better it is.It increases chances to get posting near your residence.I have created a free download document for you.
  • Bank Growth — The bigger the bank the better the facilities.If the bank business grows year after year better it is for you.I have created a document to address this point as well.

Now you can download the files from links provided below (3rd and 4th). The third file lists 5 banks with maximum number of branches (along with number of branches in your state). You should copy all the five banks corresponding to your state.Now search those banks in second file.Second file lists all banks in order of their profit last year.So you can easily found biggest banks and banks growing fast.

So biggest and most profit doing banks should be given preference (with maximum number of branches in your state). In case you have any confusion feel free to ask me using comment form.

IBPS Clerk interview free downloads

Exam preparation material free download

Above link contains documents having Banking Awareness questions frequently asked in IBPS Clerk interview.Along with that it also has Interview questions and Interview tips.You can easily crack the interview if you follow above documents.

The documents are created with care based on input from successful candidates and readers of this site over the years.So download the documents and get well prepared for interview.

Click Here for Recommended IBPS Clerk Books

Need Help

I have written this post to help candidates.The help will always be free.I have written posts on other exams as well.In case you need any help regarding questions or answers feel free to write comment using comment form below.You can post your profile.It will help me frame questions asked to you.You can also ask answer to any specific question.

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