IBPS Clerk vs IBPS PO Which one is better?


IBPS PO is exam for Probationary Officer post in Indian Government Banks. IBPS Clerk is exam for Clerk post in Indian Government Bank. If I ask you which one of these post is better? most of you will say PO.

The reason is simple. The PO post is higher in corporate chain than Clerk post. The growth opportunities of PO post are more than a Clerk post. But is the answer so simple. Is Clerk has nothing going for it?

In this article we will try to answer this question. We will compare PO and Clerk together and help you decide which one is better for you. Note if one post is better for someone does not mean it is better for other as well.


Salary is one of the main factors in choosing any post. Everyone wants to get high paying job. If you compare only on Salary IBPS PO wins by a margin. IBPS Clerk salary is not bad but in comparison to PO post it is.

The starting salary difference between a PO and Clerk is massive to say the least. As a PO you are entitled to more basic salary which in turn impacts your take home salary. Instead of going into details of salary package (as perks varies from bank to bank) you can expect a difference of 15K INR between the two.

So if salary is your main concern then you should join IBPS PO.

Career Growth

Career growth is often most important criteria for job selection. People want to join organization or job role offering faster career growth irrespective of initial salary package. If you are joining as IBPS PO then you become the Chairman of the bank in theory.

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This illustrates that the career growth of a PO is unlimited. It is not bounded as in case of IBPS Clerk. The Clerk post has it’s growth limitation to say at least. Having said that the chances of a PO becoming Chairman is slim. The probability is not very great.

On paper the growth opportunities are more in case of PO than Clerk. But the competition is also more. That basically balances out the growth opportunity. But nonetheless the options are more in case of PO than Clerk.

So if career growth is one of the major deciding factor for you then you should always go for PO


Here we will compare the two posts based on Competition. We will discuss both competition to get the job and after that. This will give you details of challenges faced by a PO aspirant and a clerk aspirant.

IBPS PO in general is more competitive than IBPS Clerk. The number of vacancies for PO post is less compared to that of Clerk post. The number of candidates applying for Clerk post is slightly more than that of PO post.

But the on an average the number of post divided by number of candidates appearing for PO is less than that of Clerk making it more competitive than Clerk post.

Note the competitiveness is defined not only by these two parameters. But these two are major factors in any competitive exams. Not only so the IBPS PO exams are more complex in nature compared to the IBPS Clerk exams.

So you have better chances to get a Clerk job. Now lets discuss the competition factor after the selection. After you have joined the Bank the job nature is more challenging for a PO. Every organization follows pyramid structure. So you have more people working in lower salary group.

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The number of people working in higher salary group always decreases following the pyramid structure increasing the competition.

So if you want bit relaxed career with less work pressure then you should aim for IBPS Clerk post. The selection process is less competitive and after selection life is also more relaxed compared to IBPS PO.

Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is becomes more important after 5 to 10 years. Freshers do not value job satisfaction much. But they regret this later. I have seen people leaving a job after certain period of time despite of getting good salary.

The reason is that they are not satisfied with the work they are doing or nature of work. Job satisfaction is subjective. I may love one job which you may hate doing. For example someone loves marketing job as they love to interact with people. Someone loves office job in which there is no customer interaction.

I will list out the points which will help you decide which of the two posts will give you more job satisfaction

  • You will get transferred to different work locations in PO post
  • For better growth prospective you should serve rural branch for 3 years and be ready for transfers
  • The nature of PO job is challenging and work pressure increases with time
  • The nature Clerk job is repetitive.
  • Clerk job is more customer focused than PO. Clerks are people you interact with when you visit a branch.
  • PO are people who sit as Branch manager in a branch. They have responsibility of the branch as a whole.

based on above key points you can decide whether you want to select PO or Clerk. You should consider the benefits and drawbacks of each post before joining the same. Sometimes what is best for others may not be best for you.

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Final Thoughts

IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk both are excellent career options. You will lead a satisfied life after joining any one of the post. But there is always  question in mind of candidates which one is better. Mostly we get the answer that PO is better.

The person saying so mostly notice the pay package and career growth opportunities. They do not consider other things mentioned above. So before saying which one is better you should ask yourself below questions and then decide.

You should join as PO if

  • You can adjust yourself quickly with people and environment
  • You like traveling and can live in any city or town of India without any issue
  • You want to interact with people
  • You want to take challenging tasks and loves to handle new type of work
  • You want to manage and lead people
  • You like to upgrade yourself by reading new things and exploring unknown fields

You should join as Clerk if

  • You are attached with your home town and want a career near your home
  • You are comfortable with less growth and salary compared to PO
  • You can handle same type of work for longer period of time
  • You are hard worker who can dedicate long hours

So you can easily question yourself and based on the answer you can decide which career option will be good fit for you. Note above questions are indicative only and you should not make entire career discussion based on it.

Note our view about life and ourselves changes so you should take sincere decision consulting with other people around you.

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