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English section is one of the most difficult section for Non English background students.Almost all Competitive Exams have English section.Many candidates get good marks in other sections but fail in English language section.Due to this they do not pass the written test.

I have created this English section online test series to help students facing problems in English section.This will be helpful to all students preparing for Competitive exams like Banking exams (IBPS,SBI,RBI and other public and private bank exams), Insurance exams like (LIC,GIC,NICL and other private and public insurance exams),Railway exams,SSC exams and other similar exams.

For best results you should try all the exams given below.Every test has different questions and different type of questions.They will test your preparation and help you crack exams.Click on below links to give the exams

English Language test details

I have said above that you should try these online tests.These tests will help you crack English section of Competitive exams mentioned above.Below are the feature which make these tests awesome and differentiates from other tests.

Covering all question types

English section have different type of questions like

  • Comprehension questions
  • Spot the Errors
  • Sentence Correction
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Other Grammar testing question types
  • Spelling tests

Above test series covers all question types mentioned above.It does not list same type of question.Every type of questions have equal representation in the exams.One test may have more question from one question type while other test may have more question type from other question type.That is why I have told you to attempt every test.

If you try all the tests then you will get exposure to every type of question.Exams have one or more type of question.Grammar is very important for English section.These test series improves your Grammar.This will help you immensely in your real exams.

Coverage of all question types and variety of questions make this test series different than others.Many test series have good more questions than my test series.But they will have same type of questions.There is no profit in solving same type of questions all the time.You should solve 10 questions but all questions should be of different type and are important for current year exam.If you are solving same type of questions then it will not help you in real exam.

Solving same type of question is just wastage of your time.That is why solving quality questions is very important for exam preparation.They test your concept and help you improve your concept.Covering every aspect of English language is important.In real exams you may have question from Preposition or Conjunction or Interrogation.So if you are only preparing for Preposition then it will not help.

This is where my test series stands tall above others.It tests your concept on all major topics of Grammar like Adjective,Adverb and other Grammatical concepts.Thus it proves you overall preparation.Also the exams have questions from previous year exams.Along with previous year questions it also has questions important for current year exams.

Model questions along with previous year exams give you perfect preparation material.Since pattern of exams is changing with time it is important to practice questions important for current year exams along with previous year exams.Solving only previous year exams will not help much.

Explanation of Questions

Most of the online tests out there are without explanation of questions.This leaves students guessing why there answer was wrong.They also do not know why there answer is wrong.This hampers their preparation.The try to build or think of a logic which can give them correct answer.This self constructed logic does give them correct answer in one case.

But it goes wrong in other tests.This learning of wrong concepts ruins their preparation.They make mistakes in real exam based on wrong concepts they build while giving online tests.We understand importance of this.So I have come up with explanation for all the questions present in online test series.You can download Mobile App mentioned in online tests page.

The mobile app has explanation of all questions.Along with that it has daily online exams for you.So after giving exams you should also install the mobile app.You can then see explanation of each question.This will help you understand why your answer was wrong.Also you will get an idea how correct answer was achieved.The mobile app is free of cost and will always will  be.

Negative Marking and Time limit

Online tests are worthless if they do not have negative marking or time limit.You should have negative marking and time limit in online tests.These two things are always present in most competitive exams.They help test accuracy and speed of candidates.

If your speed is not good then also you can not clear these exams.The best way to increase your speed is to try online tests with time limit.That is why all the tests have time limit.You should give these tests like you give real exams.Then only these exams will help you.

Sometimes candidates score few questions correctly but they guess answers of other questions.They hope that attempted questions be correct.But this guess work lowers their score due to negative marking.While attempting these online test you can see adverse impact of your guess work on your total score.So you will be more careful while guessing answers in real exams.

Score Comparison

Your own performance in competitive exams does not matter.Along with your performance performance of other candidates also matter.If a question paper is tough for you it will be tough for others as well.If it is simple for you it will be simple for others as well.This relative marking system makes competitive exams tough.

My online tests understands this.After every exam you can create your account.That way you score will be entered into the system.You can also see scores of other top performers.This will give you idea of your preparation level compared to other students.If you are right there at top then you do not have to worry.You can then focus more on other sections.

But if your score is not there then you will have to dedicate more time in preparing for this section.So the online tests give idea of your preparation level before real exams.You can understand your score and work accordingly.


I have given focus to quality instead of quantity.So I have prepared less number of test series.I will be updating the test series to include questions important for current year exams.Also with time improvement in test series will be done.You can also share your suggestions and question if any.

Feel free to share your thoughts and consider sharing this post in case you found this useful.