How to score good marks in IBPS English section?

Is IBPS English section tough?

English is one such section which appears to be hard to crack to many aspirants, even though they are good students academically. I have come across many candidates who have done their schooling in their vernacular language and fear “English”, the level of reservation for English is so high that they do not even try to work upon it and I usually find them saying –“English toh bada tough hai”, “kya karun samajh me nahi ata”.

The thing is you should put your first step forward. As a child when our parents enrolled us in school , everything was completely new to us, didn’t we learn alphabets for the 1st time?, didn’t we learn doing multiplication, addition , didn’t we learn to board bus?. In our life every things happen for the first time, we should make effort to learn English, once the process is initiated slowly confidence level will improve and knowledge will improve.

Here I would like to narrate about the Bollywood Movie – “English Vinglish” , where the Protagonist “shashi Godbole”(Sridevi) was a business women but was mocked and looked down upon by her family members as she was poor in English. She did not give up , with her strong determination, zeal and self confidence she went abroad, enrolled herself in English learning course and won over her limitations.

The best thing to learn from the movie is that despite all the hurdles, repeated insult from her own family members she did not give up , she did not succumb to her limitations rather she took up the challenge sportingly and was successfully in it.

IBPS English section question distribution

English Section of Bank Exams mainly comprises of the following break up

IBPS English Section details
IBPS English Section details

From the above figure, it is clear that major portion of the question is from “Non Grammatical” Section, so don’t panic, don’t try to mug up grammars .Based on the past trends, I have made a graphical representation of the question pattern and it is observed that maximum questions are from Reading Comprehensions ,Fill in the blanks and Sentence Correction . One can master this section by developing reading habit.

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IBPS English Marks distribution
IBPS English Marks distribution

IBPS English section preparation tips

You cannot master the language on a single day. I would suggest you to follow these steps:

  • Don’t try to mug up grammatical rules, by doing so you will be limiting yourself and your learning process.
  • Develop reading habits, if you are a beginner, then go for general news paper, Magazines .It is not necessary that you should read technical papers, magazines, to master the language, rather pick up anything of your interest it may be a cooking recipe ,some sports article, fashion magazine and so on.
  • By developing good reading habits you will be able to solve questions of reading comprehension and spotting errors in sentences.
  • Solving Comprehension questions depends a lot on your reading habit, the more you read the lesser time you take to understand the gist of issues.
  • It is very difficult to remember all the grammatical rules, but as you develop good reading habit and if you come across any sentence which is wrong , even if you are not sure of the error , you will be able to correct it.
  • Maintain a note book for new phrases, vocabulary which you come across, it makes it easier to develop good stock of words. Note new words with a example of how to use it in sentences. For example you have learned a word –Teetotaler, you note it down with a sentence –“ Ajay is a teetotaller”, it makes application of word easier.
  • Never give up keep on improving skills each and every day – Remember Rome was not built in a day, it requires focused attention, persisting practice and confident to succeed.
  • Develop writing habits, once you develop writing habit your confidence will boost up, I am not suggesting you to write some editorials/ journals, just note down some of your experience, good moments, unique things or write what ever thought comes first in your mind. It will increase your clarity of thoughts, ability to arrange words, grammatical skills etc.
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Where to practice IBPS English section?

I have prepared free resources on this website which you can use to practice and prepare IBPS English section.

IBPS exam papers guide free download

Android Apps for IBPS SSC Railway LIC exams

IBPS English Language online test series

How to excel in Jumbling unjumbled sentences?

Generally there are few words which follows a particular pattern of prefix  and suffix, it is the trick to identify key words and to connect the words to create meaningful sentence.

How to excel in fill in the Blanks?

  • First read the sentence carefully, understand what the sentence what to express?
  • Now try to fill in the blanks without looking at the options and no relate the word which you have thought with the options available and select the nearest synonym.
  • After practising the above mentioned exercise, now select the option and check if the sentence is meaningful?.

How to excel in fill in the Vocabulary?

  • Build Vocabulary
  • Learn new phrases and sentences everyday
  • Practice structure of sentences

How to master Reading comprehensions?

It is the game changer part of the section, It takes time but once the passage is deciphered then questions can be answered with 80-90% accuracy. I would advise to attempt all comprehension passage to clear section with good marks, but consider following points before attempting Reading Comprehensions

  • Consider the subject of reading comprehension
  • Consider the passage which one is smaller

After reading the passage try to make out the central idea of the passage, now go through the questions once, to make out how the questions relate to central passage. Generally question and the paragraphs are linked, the 1st question can be answered from 1st passage and so on.

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For answering the Vocabulary question mark the sentence where the word is present and read the sentence till you completely understand. Now select a word without looking at the options, and then relate the word with the nearest option available.If you face a problem in answering the passage, even after reading the paragraph, then you can try bottom-top approach , first read the question and now co-relate it with the passage.

Find out the useless words and eliminate it, from the passage (it will reduce your confusion and make it easy to understand).After solving easier question, come back to passage once again and find out the missing link, and based on the connection with passage, answer the difficult question. At times when the passage is difficult, even though you read the passage, the contents don’t register in your mind, bring back the focus to the passage.

Some questions are simple, some of the RC questions are will be specific. You are not required to answer all the questions. Just answer those questions which are you to some extent sure Don’t over panic by seeing the length of the passage ,or the substance of the passage. Read again and again and answer the questions one by one, don’t lose confidence, don’t give up half way.

Final thoughts

Remember some of the great personalities of our country, reached the peak of success from a very humble background be it Shri APJ Abdul Kalam, Shri Sachin Tendulkar, Shri Milkha singh, or Ms.Mary Kom the common traits which all of them shared was –“Never Give up , Come what may”.

Finally, I would like to mention the great shloka of Katha Upanished popularized by Shri Swami Vivekananda-“ Arise, Awake and stop not till the Goal is reached”.

All the best to all the aspirants !.

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