IBPS Bank Exams guide for assured bank job

What is IBPS Exam?

IBPS stands for Institute of Banking Personnel Selection. This institute has the responsibility to held written exams for selection in Government Banks. The written exams it conducts is popularly known as IBPS Exams.

Indian Banking Industry can be divided broadly into

  • Big Government Banks
  • Private Banks
  • Regional Banks (can be both Government and Private)

IBPS conducts exams for recruitment in all major Government Banks except State Bank of India. State Bank of India or SBI conducts its own exams. So if you want to get Government Bank job then IBPS is the exam you need to crack.

It also conducts exams for Rural regional banks as well. Later in this article we will see different posts for which it conducts exams and time table of the exams as well. Earlier every bank had separate recruitment process.

That is they had separate written test. But things got changed few years ago. All of them agreed to have a single written test based on which they will do hiring. This helped the candidates as well. Instead of preparing for ten different bank exams they have to prepare for only one.

Different IBPS Exams

Banks have different job profile for entry level candidates.IBPS conducts separate exams for each job profile.The different job profiles are

  • Bank Clerk
  • Bank Probationary Officer (Bank PO)
  • Bank Specialist Officer (There are multiple vacancy types)

You can apply for any one of the above posts. These are entry level posts in any bank. By entry level posts I mean posts for which no experience is required. A candidate with educational qualification matching with the post and age criteria can apply for it.


You do not need any previous job experience.Due to this very reason number of applicant for these posts are very high. Every year around lakhs of candidates appear for these exams. It has become one of the most sought after exams in India.

Lets discuss different job profiles offered by banks. It is important to understand these job profile before applying for them. Below is brief description of each job profile. I have written separate article for each of them. These articles provide in depth details for every job profile.

IBPS Clerk Exams

I have written separate article comparing SBI Clerk and IBPS Clerk. That post provides details of Bank Clerk job profile. I am reproducing some details from that post here to give you some idea about the job profile. You should read the original post for more details.

That post also provides you details of enumeration (pay package of this post as well). Note pay commission is not applicable to banks. Banks have their own pay increment cycle and is not related in any way to pay commission.

Clerical staffs are mainly required to do data entry tasks.They have to post transactions in system. Another important tasks of clerical staffs are managing cash department i.e receipt, payments,remittances etc.

If you have visited a Bank branch then you can easily understand job profile of a clerk. Most people you see on different counters are Clerks. So you can easily visualize the tasks performed by them.

IBPS Clerk exam is recruitment exam for the post of Bank Clerks. The educational qualification is Graduation. I have written separate article on IBPS Clerk exam. That article provides you details like Eligibility criteria , Exam Format , Preparation Materials , Online Tests and Recommended Books. Below is the link of the article for your reference.

IBPS Clerk exam details paper download


Probationary Officer can get promoted to top most post of any bank. This single statement is sufficient to tell you growth prospectus of this post.Candidates joining in this post become administrative officer in a bank after training.

I have written separate post comparing SBI PO and IBPS PO. In that post I have provided job profile details and package details. As mentioned in Clerk section pay increment of PO post or for that matter any Bank post is independent of pay commission.

You can read the post for details on job profile and packages.However I have reproduced some part of job profile from that post here to give you brief idea.

You might have noticed Assistant Manager cabin or desk while visiting a bank branch. The person with Assistant Manager designation is a Probationary Officer. If you are joining bank as PO officer then you are joining it as Assistant Manager.

Bank PO exam is more difficult then Bank Clerk exams. I have written separate article providing details about IBPS PO exams. The article is must read to crack this exams with ease. It provides details like eligibility criteria, exam format, online tests, preparation materials for free and recommended books.

Below is the link of IBPS PO exam post for your reference. Click on the article to read it

IBPS PO exam details paper download

IBPS Specialist Officer Exams

Above two posts are open for candidates without any professional degree. That is if you are BA or BCom or BSc then also you can apply for above posts (IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk). IBPS Specialist officer is vacancy for candidates with professional degree.

There are multiple posts under specialist officer exams. I have listed all the posts in my article on IBPS Specialist Officer exams. If you are Law graduate or Engineering graduate or MBA then you can apply for Specialist Officer exam.

This exam has open career option for professional degree holders. Note professional degree holders can apply for IBPS Clerk and IBPS PO as well. There is no restriction that they can not apply.

Candidates joining as Specialist Officer have grade similar to PO. But their job profile matches with their professional degree. For example candidate holding BTECH degree in Computer Science will have job profile of a developer or System Administrator.

These job profiles require skill set matching the professional degree and knowledge of the candidate. I have written separate article on Specialist Officer as well. In that article I have listed all posts you can apply for. It also lists eligibility criteria , exam format, preparation materials and online tests.

With these materials you can crack the exam with ease. Below is the link of the article for your reference

IBPS Specialist Officer exam details paper download

IBPS RRB exams

Above three exams are for major Government Banks of India except SBI. IBPS conducts separate exams for Rural Regional Banks.RRB exam is conducted for all above three posts Bank Clerk, Bank PO and Bank Specialist officer.

But the candidates are posted in Rural Regional banks. Candidates clearing above three exams are posted in major Government Banks.Candidates clearing RRB are posted in Rural Regional Banks. This is the only difference between first three exam and this one.

The job profile of Rural regional bank posts are same as that of major bank posts. There is no difference in job profile.So PO will have job profile of PO and Specialist Officer will have job profile of Specialist Officer.There is no difference in that.

The only difference is rural posting in area the rural bank is in.Also package of RRB officers are less than that of major bank employees. Barring these two factors everything is pretty much the same.

I have written separate article providing in depth knowledge about RRB exams. You should read that post for more details of the exams and free material to crack it with ease. Below is the link of the article.

IBPS RRB exam detail paper dowload

How to apply for IBPS Exams?

Every year good number of candidates get rejected because they make mistakes while applying for the exams. These mistakes can be easily avoided. It may be difficult for first time applicant to avoid to know about these.So read this before applying. You can apply at this link

So I have started free service to help candidates with application process. I have written article listing common causes of application rejection. Also I have started forum where you can ask your questions for free.I will answer the questions myself.

Below is the link of article you must read first before filling up online form.Note the article lists common mistakes made by candidates.Also you should comment section of that article. The comment section answers many questions you may have in mind.

Common mistakes made in IBPS application

You may have some questions which may not be answered in that article.Also if you want to ask questions directly to me or get answer by experts then you can ask your question by becoming member of this site. The membership is free and is available to all users.You should click on below link and follow simple process mentioned on the page to ask your question.

Get your question answered by Esha Upadhyay

IBPS Exams dates

IBPS exams are conducted every year. The time is more or less same. The actual dates may vary. Below is this year IBPS Calendar for your reference. Knowing the exam dates hep you plan your preparation.

IBPS RRB exam dates

Preliminary exam dates

Preliminary exams will be held on multiple dates 9th Sep , 10th Sep , 16th Sep , 17th Sep , 23rd Sep and 24th Sep in year 2017. The preliminary exams will be held for Officer Scale 1 and Office Assistant posts only.

Main Exams dates

For Officer Scale 1 Main exams will be held on 5th Nov 2017. For Office Assistants it will be held on 12th Nov 2017.

Single exam date

For officer scale 2 and scale 3 only one exam will be held. The exam will be held on 5th Nov 2017.

IBPS PO exam dates

IBPS PO exam will have two phases preliminary stage and Mains stage.The dates of these two phases are

Preliminary exam date

Preliminary exam will be on multiple dates 7th Oct , 8th Oct , 14th Oct and 15th Oct.

Mains Exam date

The Mains exam will be on 26th Nov 2017.

IBPS Clerk exam dates

Like IBPS PO IBPS Clerk exam will have two phases preliminary stage and Mains stage.

Preliminary exam date

Preliminary exam will be on 2nd Dec , 3rd Dec , 9th Dec and 10th Dec.

Mains Exam date

The Mains exam will be on 21st Jan 2018.

IBPS Specialist Officer exam dates

The dates of specialist officer exam is tentative as of now. But actual dates if vary will be more or less on same months. I will update the article once actual dates are published.

Preliminary exam date

It will be on 30th Dec and 31st Dec 2017.

Mains Exam date

It will be held on 28th Jan 2018.

IBPS Exam preparation material

Above I have mentioned links for each individual exam. Those articles provide all materials you need to crack this exam with ease. You should read those articles as well. In this post I am sharing links to materials and posts which will help you in your preparation.

You will find all sorts of materials on this site. Everything is free for students. Below are list of materials available on this site. I am providing link to the articles from where you can get the materials. You can click on the links and read the articles and download the materials or try the online tests.

Android App with answer and explanation

IBPS Android App link

Solved Paper free download

IBPS paper with solution download link

Free Online Tests with answers

Free IBPS Online test series

IBPS Quantitative Aptitude online test link

IBPS Logical Reasoning online test link

IBPS English Language online test link

IBPS Computer Knowledge online test link

IBPS Banking Awareness online test link

Free Online Courses (tips and tricks)

IBPS Quantitative Aptitude Online Course link


Above materials are sufficient for preparation if used properly. All of them are updated with time and contain questions important for current year IBPS Exams. You should practice them if you are appearing for the exams.

I have tried to present everything you need to know about the exams. In case you have any queries feel free to share your thoughts.

Happy preparation. Consider sharing this post with your friends to help them as well. Helping others is a way to increases chances of your success.