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Exam preparation material details

You might be having questions like

  • What exam preparation material contains?
  • How will it help me in exams?
  • Who has created this material and how can this be downloaded?

Before proceeding with steps to download the file I will love to answer these questions.It will also help you get an idea if it is worth downloading the preparation material.So lets start by first questions and let me answer them one by one.

The exam preparation material contains

  • Quantitative Aptitude and Numeric Ability – For all exams
  • Logical Reasoning – For all exams
  • English – For all exams
  • Computer Knowledge – For all exams
  • Banking Awareness – Must for Bank exams like ICICI,SBI,IBPS and others
  • Insurance Knowledge – Must for Insurance exams like LIC,GIC etc
  • Interview Tips and Interview questions – For all exams

Focus is given on previous year solved problems along with questions important for current exam.I have seen previous questions from other exams being asked in current year exams.For example it is not difficult to get an question in IBPS which was asked in last year SBI exam and vice versa.

The mistake candidates do is that they prepare from previous year question of exam they are appearing for.They do not prepare from previous year questions of other exams.The paper setters are well aware of this and so nowadays it is not uncommon to get previous questions asked in other exam.

Along with preparation material I have also come up with Online exams.These online exams have negative marking and provides real experience as that of Competitive exams. Most Competitive exams are now online.Trying online tests before real exam helps you very much.

I would recommend trying the online tests along with preparation material (or exam paper) download.

Steps to download the file

The steps to download files are very easy. But you may ask if it is free to download the preparation material why there is lock. This is to check misuse of the files.A small action from your side will help me keep the files free and fight misuse of files.

The steps are very simple.I have outlined the steps for your reference.

Step 1

Log into your Gmail account in a separate tab of your browser or you can directly click on the below YouTube button or the Google Plus one button.

Same applies for Facebook button.If you are logged into Facebook then you can directly click on the links to download the files.If you are not logged into Facebook then log into them in separate tab and click on the buttons.

Step 2

If you are not yet sign into Gmail then after button click you will have to sign in. If you have already sign in into separate tab then you will not be asked to sign in.

Same applies for Facebook.If you are not logged in already then you will be asked to log into Facebook.You can then follow the steps like Share on Facebook.

Step 3

The file will get downloaded automatically if you have followed above two steps correctly.You can check the downloads folder for files.There is no further action required from your side.

Note – After you click Facebook like button. You may see Confirm written in place of like button. Click on Confim and on the pop up like on Facebook. The file will get downloaded then.

Interview questions and Interview tips

Click on the below button to download Banking Awareness and Insurance knowledge questions with answers.Along with that you have Interview questions with answers and Interview tips.Interview tips is very important for success in any Interview.

Banking Awareness document is important for Bank exams like IBPS,SBI,RBI and other Private or Public bank exams.The Insurance document is important for Insurance exams like LIC,GIC,NICL and other similar Insurance exams.The other two documents Insurance questions and Insurance tips are applicable for all exams.

If you are preparing for SSC or other state exams then also Interview tips and questions are important.These documents lists Questions asked in all major Interviews.The tips also outline carefully drafted tips which help you present yourself in best way.

You can enter your Name and Email address below. The download link to interview material will be send to your email address.

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English and Computer papers

Click on the below button to download English and Computer knowledge questions with answers.In almost all Indian Competitive exams we have Computer Awareness section.Often candidates are confused about syllabus and questions asked in these exams.The Computer Awareness document helps you prepare for Computer section of most exams except the Specialist Officer (IT) exams.

Download English and Computer papers

Click on Google Plus button to download

Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning papers

Click on the below button Facebook to download Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning questions with answers.Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning are most important sections of all Indian Competitive exams.No matter for which exam you are preparing for these two documents will help you immensely.

Logical Reasoning is one of the most difficult sections in these exams.Often candidates fail to clear sectional cutoff of these exams due to Logical Reasoning.The documents help you crack Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning sections of these exams.

Download Aptitude and Reasoning papers

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Exam Preparation Android App

Along with file download you may also be interested in Android Apps.With Android App you can give prepare for the exams on go.There are separate Apps for each of the section mentioned above.In all App questions are fully solved with answers and detailed explanation.

Also you can give daily exams.You can also compare your marks with best marks in that daily exam.This helps you get an idea about your preparation level.You can also track your marks in last ten exams.

You can install Mobile Apps from Google Play for your Android phone. I recommend using Mobile Apps for better preparation of exams.

Just like any other App you install in your phone you can install this App.The App is completely free and always will be.The App is only 6MB in size.Below are the steps to find the App on Google Play.

  • Search Google Play with my name esha upadhyay
  • You will find the App in search result
  • Install the App

You have separate mobile apps for each of the topics mentioned above like Logical Reasoning,Quantitative Aptitude,Computer knowledge,Banking Awareness and Insurance knowledge.

Issues and Queries

You can post your questions or queries if you are facing any problem

  • Downloading the file
  • Installing the mobile App
  • Finding the mobile App in Google Play
  • Any other topic you want papers for or mobile App
  • Suggestions and Improvement idea or new features

any other questions and doubts regarding Indian Competitive exams like IBPS,SSC and other similar State and Central Government exams.