Android Apps for IBPS SSC Railway LIC exams

Android Apps list

I have created below Android Apps.You can install these mobile apps on your Android phone for free.If you are viewing this site on your Android phone then you can click on these links and directly install the Apps.You can also search Google Play or App Store with my name Esha Upadhyay.

That will show you all Apps I have created.You can pick the Apps which you need and install them.The App size is small so it will not be problem.Also these apps do not take much space or slow down your phone.So you can have them installed and refer them for preparation.

You can regularly update these Apps.I update them to make them beneficial for current year exams.So once update is available make sure you have the updated version.

Numeric Ability and Quantitative Aptitude

Google Play App link

Logical Reasoning

Google Play link

English Language

Google Play link

Computer Awareness

Google Play link

Banking Awareness

Google Play link

Insurance Knowledge

Google Play link

As mentioned above you can install the Apps from above links or you can search my name and install the apps.

Why Android Apps for Competitive Exams?

Android is by far the most popular mobile operating system.The mobile app was created with problems of candidates in mind.Candidates can not read books or carry books all the time.For example if they are travelling in bus or taxi then it is tough to use book.

There are many candidates who are working in private sector jobs. They can not carry their books in work place.So that time of theirs gets wasted.Preparation time is very important for competitive exams like IBPS or SSC. But as people can not carry books all the time they are unable to prepare.

These precious time gets wasted.So we came up with idea of Mobile Apps.There are few mobile apps out there but ours are different from others.My Apps do not target generic candidates.The Apps are targeted to candidates preparing for competitive exams like IBPS,SSC,Railways,LIC exams and other similar exams.

As mentioned with these mobile apps you can prepare anywhere anytime without using any books etc.Note all the Apps are free of cost and will remain so forever.

Android Apps features

I have created Android App for all major sections asked in Competitive exams.So you can prepare for each section of exams using mobile apps. Below features make these mobile apps very important for your preparation.

Solved Problems

Each mobile app has Practice section.In practice section you can prepare for the exams.Each question in practice section is fully solved.By fully solved I mean step by step detailed solution for each problem is present.This helps candidates understand the solution.

It also helps them understand the concept behind each problem.Be it Quantitative Aptitude App or Logical Reasoning App or Banking Awareness App all have answers and explanation with them.For questions which does not need explanation only answers are given.

Online Tests solution

There are online test for each important sections of competitive exams.All questions of online test is fully solved in mobile apps.So you should first try the online tests.After trying online tests you will know your preparation level.You can also compare your marks with that of others as well.

After trying online exams you can use mobile apps.You can refer the solution in mobile apps to understand the concept behind the problem.This helps you prepare better for exams.Once you have referred solution and understood it you can again try the online exams.

This back and forth learning and question solving helps you.

Daily Online Tests

All the mobile apps have daily online tests.You can try the online tests only once every day.Most of the questions are different each day.The score of top candidates is also shown after the daily exam.Daily exams do not have fixed time.You can take them anytime you want.But you can only attempt them once in a day.

These daily online tests are very useful.They give you indication of your preparation level with that of others.You can compare your score with that of top performer on that day.If there is very much gap then you can use practice mode to enhance your speed and accuracy.

The online tests are like real IBPS exams.They are time bound and have negative marking.So you will have feel of real exams.You can check your speed and accuracy.You can also see your score in last ten daily online tests.If your performance is improving with each day then it is good.It means you are moving in correct direction.

But if your performance is not improving with time then you need to rethink your preparation and planning.You can also ask me questions if you have any doubts on how to prepare for these exams.

Model Questions and Previous questions

Mobile Apps contain model questions as well as previous year questions.Model questions are important for current year exam based on the trend.Previous year questions are also important.We have not created different groups.So you are not aware whether a question is model question or previous year question.

All types of questions are included.Instead of quantity we have focused on quality.It is beneficial to do different types of questions.Solving same type of questions will not help you.Also all topics are also covered.So mobile apps are one stop place for preparing every part of Competitive exams.

Daily tests are also created with current year exams in mind.So may see similar type of question or question based on same concept in exams.If you have solved and understood the solution of questions then you will not have any problem in real exams.You can solve the questions very easily.


In case you have any issues installing the mobile apps let me know.You can post your questions or queries about App finding and installation here.I will help you with the steps.Also if you want me to add specific questions or have any other suggestion regarding the apps do let me know.

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