7 things you remember before applying for IBPS Exams

Does IBPS rejects application?

IBPS exams have become one of the most important exams in India today.Every year lakhs of candidates appear for these exams.IBPS is currently your first step towards Banking job.In this post I will not discuss about preparation and planning of IBPS exams.

I have written separate posts on planning and preparation of IBPS exams.You can also download IBPS questions papers from those posts.I have also created free mobile apps which will help you in IBPS exams.In this post I will cover mistakes candidates make while applying for IBPS exams.

This post applies for all IBPS exams namely IBPS PO,IBPS Clerk,IBPS Specialist Officer and IBPS RRB.I have seen many candidates getting rejected every year due to small mistakes they make.These small mistakes can be avoided by taking care of them in advance.

As number of applicants are increasing every year IBPS needs a small reason to cancel your application.Earlier they have allowed small mistakes but now they are becoming bit strict on these.It is worth mentioning that Preliminary exams was introduced to lessen number of candidates appearing for Main exams.You can read the post below

Mistakes in IBPS exams

Name mismatch in Educational Documents

This is one of the common questions asked by candidates.They have different names in different educational documents.For example you have a letter missing or you have middle name missing or you have initials instead of full name in one of the educational document.Candidates despite aware of the difference ignore it initially.

They then ask me is it fine to do a affidavit or will it not be a problem.The best way to avoid any problem is to apply for correction in the document itself.Even if you have not received corrected document copy you can show the application to IBPS.

Every University has process to make corrections in the documents.You can go to University website or go to University for details of it.Most of the time it involves making an written application with details of the changes.So please verify the documents and in case you have any mismatch raise the request to correct the document.

Ideally the name in your 10th document,Graduation document and ID proof should match.If there is any mismatch in any one of them you need to get it corrected.

Wrong details in Application form

Many a times candidates make below small mistakes while filling up IBPS forms.These mistakes can be avoided by simple review of the application form before submit.Also you can edit application form details as well.So it is better to enter correct details verify the same more than once.The common mistakes made by candidates are

  • Entering wrong personal information including Name and Date of Birth
  • Entering wrong name of your parents
  • Entering wrong Marital status
  • Entering wrong passing year and percentage of marks
  • Entering wrong communication details/permanent address and correspondence address
  • Entering wrong Mobile Number or Email ID

Above I have listed common mistakes made by candidates.Ideally you should enter all the details correctly.But some details are very critical than others.The most serious mistake is mentioning wrong mobile number and email id.IBPS or for that matter all the entrance exams now use mobile number and email id for communication.Also you should make sure your mobile number and email id is valid for entire duration of recruitment.

After email id and mobile number the second most important thing is your personal information.If you enter your name incorrectly then during written test ID proof match it will not match.If you have different names (spelling mistakes) in different documents then you should enter the name you have in ID proof here.As ID proof should be shown at the time of written test for identity verification.

For small mistakes like Date of Birth or Wrong percentage of marks or error in passing year or wrong marital status you will not face problem until or unless whatever you entered makes you ineligible for IBPS exams.If the details slightly very then they can be taken care of during document verification before interview.

Signature issues

While filling online application candidates have to upload their signature as well.You should keep in mind that your signature in exam hall should match the one you have put on application form.In case you do not have any signature then there is no need to be fancy you can write your name or full name in your handwriting as signature.

Your signature should not be in capital letters.This is the only restriction IBPS puts on Signature.The signature should be signed with black ink pen on white paper.Signature is one way IBPS identifies the candidates so you should be cautious about the signature you mention on application form.

For OBC Candidates

This point applies only for OBC candidates.OBC candidates often get confused about OBC certificate and creamy non creamy layer clause.If you are OBC candidate but do not have non creamy layer certificate then you will be treated as General Candidate.So while applying for IBPS you should mention General instead of OBC.

You should mention OBC if and only if you have non creamy layer certificate.Also the non creamy layer certificate should be valid or issues within one year from your interview date.So after applying for the IBPS exams or couple of months before it you can apply for non creamy layer OBC certificate.

Many candidates say they do not have non creamy layer certificate but have applied as OBC.For them the final decision rests with IBPS.They can treat the candidate as General and allow him or they can reject the candidature.Also if your caste is not mentioned in central list for OBC reservation you should not apply as OBC.

There may be case that State Government lists a particular caste in OBC list but that caste is not present in Central Government list.You should check the central government list of caste falling under OBC category before applying as OBC.You can check the list from this link (link to OBC list ).

NOC letter

Candidates often ask me if NOC is required in their case or not.NOC stands for No Objection Certificate.No objection certificate is only required for Government / quasi govt offices/ Public Sector Undertakings (including Nationalised
Banks and Financial Institutions) employees.

No objection certificate should be issued for IBPS interview.Candidates should have NOC letter at the time of interview.NOC is not required for candidates working in private sector companies.

Name Change

Many candidates may have their name change.Mostly this is applicable for Girl candidates who change their surname after marriage.For Girl candidates who have name change due to marriage should take care of below two points.Numb er one they should indicate as married in application form.

For candidates who have name change after marriage should produce their original marriage certificate.Marriage certificate is an important document to have and can be created very easily post marriage.If you do not have one then it is very easy to get one.

Also you can choose the way to Affidavit as well.You can reach out to any Lawyer and he will help you get an affidavit in format you want to have.This is at most one week activity and can be easily done.

Online Application form print out

Many candidates complain that they do not take application print at the time of interview.After filling up the application form you should be taking print out of your online application.IBPS has in past allowed candidates to appear for interview without application print out.

But there is no reason they will continue to allow candidates.They may reject a candidate without application print out in future.So there is no reason you should not be taking application print out.


I will add more points in future based on replies and queries of candidates.You can also post your queries below and I will try to help you.

Feel free to share this post in case you found this helpful.

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  1. Sir meri dob galat bhri gai….mene kl form fill kia tha….ab kya procedure h jisse m use teekh kr sku😕

  2. hello sir.. ! i have query about my name problem in 10th certificate …whers is name in 10th is priya kunari singh and signature is same.. and in 12th nd graduation my name is priya kumari and signature is same… can i fill government form.. i m new for all this… plzzz help sir!

    1. You should raise request to modify 10th certificate name. This is the best way and keep a copy of application details.Also have a affidavit that person on 10th marksheet and 12th one are same.

      You can fill all the forms with no issues

      1. How much tym it will take mem?
        And is it mean that i can’t fill any gov form now?
        Plzz tell me mem!

  3. Which date is considered as date of passing for IBPS forms ?????? :
    1.date mentioned on degree or
    2. Date mentioned on provisional certificate
    3. Date mentioned on marksheet

  4. Hello mam,
    Im form west bengal and my caste is obc in state list but not in central list…but i have obc certificate non creamy layer…can i apply in ibps as obc candidate.. im just confuse because some of my colleague is telling me you can and some u cant..
    Please help.

    1. @subodh Gurung, i want to tell you that if your sub-caste has not in central govt list then despite having in state list, you will not be considered as obc candidate(ncl) in central govt exam.

      as i am from wb state also, i want to tell you that you should have to be issued your obc certificate for wb state govt job because there has to be mentioned in obc certificate as OBC-B category.

      Hope you understand.

  5. Hello mam,
    I want to appear in ibps exam, the subcast which I belong to that is present in central govt obc list, but date of issue of obc( ncl) certificate is 2009 , I have to renew obc certificate in central government obc format i know it but my question is
    If I apply in ibps exam as obc(ncl) candidate , and after clearing the exam , before document verification date if I would renew/issue obc certificate , would ibps allow this issue date of my obc certificate? Or could they allow me to give time to reissue obc certificate? As my subcast has in central government list.
    Kindly respond this. I will be looking for your answer.
    Thank you.

      1. I can renew it now, and I tried to do, as but whole process consumes lot of time as sdo offices say , I have to reapply for having obc certificate ( I belong to wb state, here obc category devide into obc -a and obc- b, as I did it in 2009, they r saying , there is no reference of this categories in my obc certificate, so I have to reapply) ,
        Main reason is — it consumes a lot of time and it hampers my preparation, therefore I decided not to do now, after selecting in exam , there must be time before document verification 1 or 2 months ,. Then I will do…
        Is there any rule , it( obc certificate) has to be issued before applying in exam.
        Will Ibps not Mercy for it??
        Please let me know .
        Seeking your respond.
        Thank you.

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