How to score good marks in IBPS General Awareness section?

How to score high marks in IBPS General Awareness?

General Awareness is one such section in IBPS/BANK exams which the aspirants generally fear. The main reason for such feeling is “Fear of unknown, lack of self confidence. Though the section is  generally considered as “UNKNOWN” section but reality is completely different .One can actually predict/ make an Idea of probable set of question considering past trends ,present  most discussed issue  related to Industry.

Aspirants  need to first identify where  they stand and where they want to reach ( obviously cracking the exam will be main motto) but  with how much surety they want to appear in the exam that determines their perseverance.

Initially during preparation aspirants may feel that – it is difficult to remember so many data, how much should  i read ? if I focus so much in this section, then how will I complete other sections etc. Such taught are natural and common , with each day of preparation your confidence will increase and your performance will improve.

Hard work always pays off, it will never go waste. It might have happened that you failed to crack the section in previous attempts but never lose hope, If  you really aim for success in the exam and want to Join the industry then stay focused ,pull up your socks once again and start afresh for preparing  in much better manner.

Now, there are many handy ways to prepare while you travel OR  even when you get a small break from your mundane work or any other time where you are free so make your learning process a cheerful  journey with a vision  of success.

For this purpose I have created free Android App for Banking Awareness section.You can install the mobile App from Google Play by searching with my name Esha Upadhyay or you can install from this link of Google Play

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Once you start practicing you will get a clear idea about the patterns and also your strength & weakness . Try to acknowledge your weakness and discuss with your friends / mentors in case if you do group study.

Group study is excellent way of preparing for such exams , as you can easily divide different sections/ sub sections among yourselves and discuss at a particular time on regular basis , this helps in quick preparation/ understanding were you stand among peers and helps to know how other friends of yours are preparing

General Awareness is “High Risk” “High Return” Section in IBPS Exam. “High Risk” because you never know what kind of question may be asked in the exam as there is no definite syllabus. You can only guess the pattern of questions from the past trends .

High return because once you are able the answer the questions you can complete the questions at least possible time and switch over to other sections and utilize maximum time for critical sections.( As time management is very essential to score maximum marks in IBPS exam).

As one of the candidate of IBPS exam, I personally felt that General Awareness section is the highly leveraged section, if the candidate can  score high in the section ,then he/she can  get a edge over and above the other candidates.

In General, General Awareness Section comprises of question from latest Current Affairs (from sports, Government schemes, economy, Awards etc) ,Banking awareness ,Banking Theory  etc.

IBPS General Awareness marks distribution

Understanding weightage of marks in different section is very important to plan for exams. Below table shows different topics important for IBPS General Awareness section. Based on previous year trend I have divided whole section into major groups.

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Also table shows percentage of questions you get from each group in IBPS General Awareness exams .More or less the pattern remains same in IBPS Clerk or IBPS PO or IBPS RRB exams. There may be deviation of one or  two marks or questions.

Banking Awareness

(New trends, Alternate Delivery channels, Issues etc)

40% of the questions
Economy 25% of the questions
International & Political 15% of the questions
General Knowledge

(Sports, Authors, places etc, person in News)

20% of the questions

Key Mantra for Scoring High in IBPS General Awareness section

For Banking Awareness questions we have prepared online test series as well as Mobile App. You can try Click here for Banking Awareness online test series.

  • Follow good news channel ( as more than reading , hearing improves retaining ability)
  • Read News papers, magazines related to bank exams.
  • Practice mock tests/ online tests( this is useful for revision purpose and boost confidence)
  • Practice and solve few past question paper, you will come across several terminologies related to banking industry and economy .
  • Group challenges among friends also improve preparation.

Good Habits for Scoring High in IBPS General Awareness section

One cannot master General awareness  section in a day, a good reading habit is to be developed , from exam point of view, one has to spend time consistently .

Candidate is advised to make notes on General Awareness on regular basis, this will help in confident preparation and will also be useful for future reference.

As the entire section is highly dynamic, candidate to prepare for the section diligently with target of value addition of at least 15-20 points on daily basis.

There  is always risk of getting carried away  and reading irrelevant topics , it is essential to pay adequate attention to the past trend by regularly scanning & solving previous papers. Practicing online  also improves retention skills and also helps in better time management.

Take tests as a fun game  that will not add pressure on you. Be a learner all the time , never  think yourself as a learned,once you start thinking yourself as learned then your zeal to learn something new will stop and you will become stagnant. Be a learner always !. Enjoy learning !.

I would advise aspirants to split the possible key areas of General Awareness into different parts and look out for latest question for reach part of daily basis, this will ease off your stress and fear of unknown and will help you in organized preparation.

Success in Competitive exam is not only about studying for hours and hours, its about smart preparation ,by Focusing on the right direction , practicing regularly, self check by taking several mock test, previous year question papers, challenge yourself by trying more tougher question as the date of exam gets closer, learn from your mistakes, don’t be overconfident, take each test as a novice and try for better time management for each tests you take.

I have named this section of exam as “PULLEY” section ,just as pulley leverages effort and gives maximum  result for small effort,this section also acts as multiplier and gives maximum reward for effort

Please Prepare one topic at a time, be thorough, General Awareness is a section which can really change your overall performance significantly. Be confident  about what you prepare. I shall be sharing several questions and practice methods soon.

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