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What is IBPS PO exam?

Bank Probationary office (Bank PO) is a lucrative career.Earlier you need to fill up form for each bank separately.This was problematic for Candidates.They had to fill up form for each bank.This is why IBPS PO exams was created.Most of the public sector Banks are recruiting based on IBPS PO exams.By public sector banks I mean Government banks.Only SBI is conducting separate exams.

Every year IBPS comes with notification for PO recruitment.It is generally published in months of July or August.After notification you can fill up the application form.In next section I have covered eligibility criteria.So read that and if eligible then only fill up the form.After filling up the form you can download admit card for CWE (common written examination).The dates of written exams ,interview and admit card download are already given.

IBPS PO exams are divided into two parts.The first is written test.After clearing written test candidates appear for Interview.In this post I will cover every detail about IBPS PO written exams.I have covered IBPS PO interview in separate post.You can read the post and download interview questions answers and tips from this link.

You should keep the mobile number and email id which you mention in application form active till June 2016.Also make sure to take print out of Application form as well as Payment receipt.Also make sure all the details are verified and corrected before submitting the application form.

IBPS PO Exams Eligibility

Recently many candidates have asked questions about eligibility criteria.Many candidates after clearing written test come to know that they are not eligible.So I have covered eligibility criteria in this post.Candidate should have completed Graduation on or before they apply for IBPS PO exams.So your mark sheet and provisional certificate should have date before this.If not then you are not eligible for this year IBPS CWE PO examination.

Your age should be between 20 years and 30 years.This age limit is for General candidates.In case of OBC non creamy the upper age limit is 33 years.For SC and ST candidates the upper age limit is 35 year.

These are most generic eligibility criteria where candidates make mistake.In case you have confusion about eligibility criteria then do let me know.You can write your query using the comment section at bottom of this article.

IBPS PO exam format

The first step in preparation for any examination is to know about format of exam.You can plan your preparation if you know format of exam.IBPS PO format have changed over the years.So you should always look at current year format.IBPS PO written exam have been divided into two parts Preliminary Examination and Main Examination.

IBPS PO Preliminary Examination

This year IBPS has started Preliminary Examination.Preliminary exams consist of

  • English Language – 30 questions.Each question of 1 marks
  • Quantitative Aptitude – 35 questions.Each question of 1 marks
  • Reasoning Ability – 35 questions.Each question of 1 marks
  • Total number of questions is 100 and Total Marks is 100.Total time is 1 hour

Since the number of candidates appearing for IBPS PO exams is huge.IBPS is conducting this exam to filter the number of candidates appearing in Main exams.The Preliminary exams marks will not be considered for Merit list preparation.Only Main exams marks will be considered for Merit list preparation.But you will have to clear Preliminary exams to appear for Main exams.

IBPS PO Main Examination

IBPS PO Main exams consists of below sections

  • English Language – 40 questions.Each question of 1 marks
  • Quantitative Aptitude – 50 questions.Each question of 1 marks
  • Reasoning Ability – 50 questions.Each question of 1 marks
  • General Awareness – 40 questions.Each question of 1 marks
  • Computer Knowledge – 20 questions.Each question of 1 marks
  • Total number of questions is 200 and Total Marks is 200.Total time is 2 hour

In last year IBPS PO exam there were 250 questions.The total time limit was 150 min.Each section contained 50 questions.But for IBPS PO 2015 they have changed the format.Less stress is given to English,General Awareness and Computer Knowledge.The time is also reduced to 120 mins from 150 mins.So you have 2 hours to answer 200 marks.

Also previous year apart from this objective test there was 25 marks descriptive test.In that you have to write an Essay or Letter in English language.The duration was one hour.But descriptive paper is not included in current year exams.So you can leave the descriptive paper preparation and concentrate on objectives only.

IBPS PO exam syllabus

From above table you can see that Quantitative Aptitude,Reasoning,English,General Awareness and Computer Knowledge are main topics or subjects you need to prepare.But nowhere the syllabus is mentioned.Actually there is no syllabus as such for IBPS PO exam.We can define a syllabus only based on previous year question paper pattern.I am outlining paper pattern and syllabus you need to cover.I have also prepared question papers along with answers with these points in mind.So you can download model papers using download link and get an idea of IBPS PO exam question paper pattern.

Quantitative Aptitude syllabus and question types

  • Time and Distance,Time and Work – 4 questions
  • Ratio and Mixtures – 5 questions
  • Percentage,Profit Loss – 6 questions
  • Partnership,Clock,Pipes and Cisterns – 5 questions
  • Permutation and Combination – 5 questions
  • 10 question based on data given example problem is given in above papers
  • 10 questions on series,fractions and arithmetic operations

Reasoning syllabus and question types

  • 10 questions on Diagrams and pictures
  • 15 questions on puzzle type problems download above documents from details
  • 5 questions on Arguments
  • 5 questions on arguments and conclusions
  • 10 questions on Alphabets,patterns,arrangement

English syllabus and question types

  • 20 questions from Comprehension.It includes Antonym and Synonym
  • 5 spot error in sentence problems
  • 5 sentence rearrangement
  • 10 preposition and fill in the blanks

General Awareness and Computer Knowledge

Computer knowledge covers basic questions about computers.The topics like Internet,Microsoft Office packages and other day to day computer knowledge (bit of hardware knowledge). The questions are basic ones only.General Awareness focuses on Banking industry and also covers key news as well.You should read current affairs (more focus on banking).If IBPS PO exam is in May then read important news of before April.The paper is set approx two months before the exam.Questions focus mainly on Banking reforms and recent Banking related announcements.Government Yojanas impacting Banks are also hot topic.

IBPS PO exam tips

Time Management and Time Distribution

As you might have noticed above the number of questions are more than time allowed in min.You get less than 1 min to answer a question.So proper distribution of time is important for each section.Each question has equal weight-age in terms of marks.But some sections like Computer Knowledge and General Awareness can be solved in less time (assuming that you know the answer) compared to other section.

So time management and proper time distribution is very important for IBPS PO written exam.The second important thing is order of attempting the sections.Some sections like Reasoning and Quantitative do exhaust your brain.Other sections like Computer knowledge and General Awareness are not that exhausting.It is better to attempt non exhaustive sections first.This keeps you brain fresh while attempting these sections.

Sectional Cut off

Third important point is sectional cut off.For example if I get 45 in one section and 10 in other I am not qualified.I may have more marks than other qualified candidates.Often candidates do forget this during IBPS PO written exam.I have seen few candidates who scored nearly 80% in one section but failed in other section.So clearing sectional cut off in all sections should be first and foremost thing you should do in IBPS PO written exam.

Normally 48% is considered as sectional cut off marks in any section.So your first aim should be to clear the sectional cut off.IBPS has also introduced concept of TWSS (Total Weight age standard score).They create a minimal TWSS score based on performance of candidates that year.You should score above TWSS to get an interview call.So your first aim is to clear sectional cut off and second is to score as much marks as possible.

Question Selection

Fourth important point is each question has same marks.It is not important to give preference to one question than other one.You should avoid time consuming questions in first attempt.If you have solved similar questions before than attempt them.Easy questions should be attempted first and then complex ones.Sometimes one question eats uo too much time and you have to leave few easy ones.This is really important.

Answer marking in Answer sheet

Fifth important point is marking the answers.There are couple of strategy.Some like to mark the answers as they solve it.Some marks the answer in one go at last.Marking answers one by one do consume seconds switching from question sheet to answer sheet.In second method you might make mistakes marking the answers due to time constraint.It is also tough to keep track of all answers.

There is chance of making mistake in marking answers if you have left couple of questions in between two answered questions.In my opinion the best way is to combine both process.Ideally you should mark all the answers after completing a section.This gives you idea about number of questions answered in a particular section.You can come back to sections with less number of answered questions later on.This is important for sectional cutoff.Also the number of answers to be marked in the sheet will also be less.So there will be lesser chance to make mistake.

Negative marking mistakes

IBPS PO written exam has negative marking.Negative marking means one fourth of marks in deducted for every wrong answer.For example out of 10 questions if you have 5 correct answers but two wrong answers then your total marks is (5 – 2* .25) = 4.5.This is really important.In above example if you have left two wrong questions then you would have crossed cut off marks (48%).

So it is very important not to guess answers.Sometimes candidates mark answers of 10 to 20 questions as A or B or C or D.This does backfire.If you have answered decent number of questions to clear sectional cut off then there is no need of all these.Instead of guessing and marking answers try one or two questions which you can solve and are in section you answered less.

IBPS PO exam planning

Above we saw points to consider in IBPS PO written exam.Proper planning and practice is important to incorporate these tips during exam.You should divide time between the sections and stick to those timings.I have made a general time distribution for all sections below.You can modify the same to fit your requirement.Total time given for all sections is 120 min.We will divide this time between sections not equally but based on certain rules.I will mention those rules in detail after below table.

General Awareness402012
Computer Knowledge20106

You can see in above table 8 minutes are still left.You should attempt sections in which you have answered less than sectional cut off in these 8 min.In case you have attempted all sections well then attempt those sections or questions which you can answer in these 8 min.I have dedicated more time to Reasoning then to Quantitative.The reason is these sections are time consuming.The other sections like Computer knowledge and General Awareness do not involve solving a problem.They will not take much time if you know the answers.

You can modify time according to your strength.You can practice sample papers (downloadable from download links) and find out time taken in each section.Based on your experience after solving few question paper you can add or subtract time dedicated to individual sections in above table.After fixing time it is very important to test it out.You should solve few test series or papers.You can easily see whether time dedicated to each section is fine or needs some modification.

Speed is king in IBPS PO written test.It is important to practice as many questions as possible.This increases chances of getting similar questions in real exam.So you can solve them in less time.This will improve your speed and chances to answer more questions.

IBPS PO exam preparation

Computer Knowledge section

IBPS PO written exams are becoming tough with time.Introduction of Computer Knowledge section makes it difficult for non computer background candidates.So candidates from non computer background need to study this section.This section is pretty scoring as well as less time consuming.So one should really focus hard on this section.The good part is questions are not very technical in nature nor is difficult.

General Awareness section

Also General Awareness section focuses on Banking industry knowledge.This indeed is important as you are going to be part of Banking industry.But it also demands dedication of your time to read Business section of a newspaper instead of Sports or Movie section.There are magazines dedicated to Banking industry.You can pick any one of them and start reading the headlines.This is also one very scoring section and less time consuming.If you are well prepared for above two sections then you can save lot of time for other sections.Getting good scores this sections will help you score good results overall.So you should focus more on these two sections.

English section

English is tough section for candidates not from that background.With introduction of descriptive section as well things are getting more complicated for candidates.In English section good amount of questions are grammar based.You should prepare grammar thoroughly.The basics like Noun,Pronoun,Preposition,Conjunction and tense should be primary focus.Some questions like spot the error can be very scoring and less time consuming.The comprehension section is also easy compared to other part of English.It also carries good weight-age as well.

You can pick any good English grammar book for preparation.Even class ten or twelve English grammar books will do the trick.Every candidate should stress or dedicate more time to these three sections.Normally candidates give more time to reasoning and quantitative often overlooking these sections.But scoring good marks in these sections and saving time is key to success.

Quantitative and Reasoning section

You should target clearing the cut off marks first in reasoning and quantitative section.Anything above that is always a bonus.Having said that Candidates should always focus on their strength.Someone outstanding in Quantitative should try to score more on this section.You should practice Quantitative and Reasoning on regular basis.

It is good to solve different types of problems.Solving same type of problems does not serve the purpose.You will not find same type of questions in IBPS exam.Also practising different types of problems give you an idea about their solution procedure.This helps in IBPS exam.Looking at the question you can identify type of it.The data may be different but solution approach will be same.This will help you solve the problems faster and correctly.

I have included different types of questions in above documents.You can download the same and start practising.It will give you an idea of type of problems asked and their complexity.Also it is important to note the time taken to solve the problems individually.

IBPS PO preparation material

All the tips and tricks mentioned above are just enough for IBPS PO exam preparation and become successful in that.You can use any standard book for preparation of Reasoning and Quantitative aptitude section and English section.The computer awareness questions in download document are quite detailed and should give you good idea about topics you should cover.You can read the questions and also prepare further questions from same topics.

The books in market does not focus on IBPS 2014 exams in particular.They are general books written about IBPS exams.So I have come up with IBPS Preparation material.The preparation material is specially written for IBPS 2014 exams.The preparation material is combination of IBPS model paper and previous year IBPS papers.

Each question is fully solved with detailed explanation.So you learn the concepts while solving the papers.Since every year pattern is changing it is important to make study material specially for the year.This is why I included previous IBPS question paper along with model IBPS question paper.

All the material is avialble in my mobile apps.They are the best way to prepare for competitive exams like IBPS and other similar bank exams.

IBPS PO exam question paper with answer free download

I have created model IBPS question papers for Reasoning and Quantitative section,English Section and Computer Knowledge section.The questions are taken from previous year IBPS PO exams and sample questions similar in format to last year IBPS PO exams.The questions are along with answers.You can download the documents for free using the download links given below.

After reading different sections you can try these questions before real IBPS PO writen test.This will give you an idea about your preparation level.In case you get a questions wrong then you can revisit the concept and try the question again.This is best way to use these download documents.

Exam preparation material free download

Feel free to let me know if you face any problem in downloading these files.You can make the most out of this article by downloading these files.So download the files and then come back and read the article.

I have attached document listing revenue,headquarters and branch coverage of all major banks.These documents will help you decide Bank preference.It will also give you deep insight about top banks.You can get answers to common interview questions like Where is headquarters of this bank or that bank? So consult the information provided in the document to come up with your preference list and also answer to question Why this bank is your first preference?

IBPS PO book

The documents (which you can download for free),Online tests (which are also free) and Free mobile Apps offered by this site are excellent preparation resources.You can easily crack IBPS PO exams following these materials.But if you want hard copy that is book for offline preparation then you can buy below book.

The reason I recommend this book is that it covers Preliminary exams as well as Main exams.So you do not have to buy two separate books to prepare for exams only one book will do.

Need Help

Feel free to post your queries.In case you have any issues downloading the files let me know.Consider sharing the post if you found this useful.Also for better preparation you should download and install IBPS mobile applications.All the questions are with detailed solution.The questions are from previous year,model questions and sample questions.Also different kinds of questions are covered.

Solving different types of questions are better than solving same type of questions.As each question is with solution.So you will be able to learn the concept.By applying the same concept you can solve similar pattern question in exam.Exam question may differ a bit in data.But if you are aware of the concept you can solve it easily.

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