3 mistakes you make while preparing for IBPS PO

IBPS PO preparation requires lots of hard work and proper planning. All candidates try to prepare well and crack the exams easily. But all are not successful. Some candidates make it to Interview round while others start preparing for next year or other exams.

There is not much difference between a successful candidate and unsuccessful one. They key difference is in preparation method. This little differences do decide your future. In this article I will focus on most common mistakes candidates make while preparing for IBPS PO exams.

Due to these mistakes they do not get the Probationary Officer job. So it is better to read on the article. If you are making any of the mistakes mentioned in this article then you should immediately stop making those mistakes.

Majority of coaching institutes or teachers will not mention these mistakes explicitly. As they are focusing on lots of candidates. These are basics of preparation and often overlooked. We focus on extreme things but not on common things.

Lets discuss the mistakes first and also the solution for each of them. It is important to read the solutions or ways to improve on mistakes and follow them. You may be making these mistakes unknowingly.

Mistake 1 : Repetitive Problem Solving

This is most important and very common mistake. I have seen students solving similar type of questions many times. They give reason that it improves their speed. It also helps them internalize the concept.

Candidates often fill up whole copy solving same type of questions again and again.This repetitive question solving does not help. It takes up your time and does not help much. Most of the books and preparation materials follow this pattern.

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They dump you questions similar to each other and claim that this book or preparation material have great number of questions. You should ask how many unique questions are present in that ocean of questions.

Number of questions in a book or preparation material is used to judge quality of material or book. Due to this people change figures and other details and present same question multiple times. Instead of falling into this trap candidates should select unique questions based on different concepts.

Solving unique questions with different concepts help you in exams. In IBPS PO you have questions using multiple concepts. So solving single concept question or same pattern questions does not help. Solving unique multiple and mixed concepts questions help you.

Due to this we have created unique set of online tests. These tests have questions important for forthcoming IBPS exams. You should try these exams. All questions are unique and  are with solutions. So it should help you great deal.

IBPS Online test series

Mistake 2 : Lack of Time Management

Time Management is key to succeed in any exams. Banking exams like IBPS is no exception. You should have good speed and accuracy to get selected. During preparation for IBPS exams we do not focus much on time management.

We solve test series and previous year model question papers. All candidates do this. But have you tried solving the papers with clock in front of you. That is keeping in mind the time limit you have in IBPS PO exams.

To increase speed and improve time management you should attempt every test series thinking that you are sitting in real exam. You should try to finish the test series 10 minutes before the real exam time limit.

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This will be tough initially but with regular practice you will improve. The other way is to see how many questions you are able to solve correctly with in specified time limit. For example check that in one hour how many questions you can solve.

This will give you fair idea of you current speed and improvement you should have in order to crack the exams. You will not see improvement from day one but with time you will see speed is improving and you are able to solve more problems in said time.

Many candidates join mock tests in order to improve their speed and test preparation level. This is good idea. But it becomes great if you solve the papers at home and verify the mistakes yourself. That way you know where things went wrong and what areas you should improve. You should not try to guess any answers like in real exams.

The problem with mock tests is that candidates want to score more. In this process they fail to identify the problem and make same mistakes in next mock tests. So you should take these mock tests as preparation steps. So next time you appear for mock tests keep in mind that this is just a preparation exercise which should help you identify your problem areas.

Mistake 3 : Section wise preparation

I have seen many candidates scoring very good marks in most of the sections. They score more than qualifying marks and should get selected in Interview. But the problem is they fail in one section. This is story of many candidates.

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Students score good marks in Quantitative Aptitude but fail to clear sectional cut off in English section. This is very common problem in IBPS exams and other similar exams as well. These sectional cut off strip chances of selection from talented students.

Many will say we are weak in that section or it was hard this time. Some will say we did not find enough time to solve questions from that section. But the real reason is you did not prepare well for that section.

The reason for not preparing well for that section is time. Candidates give less time to some sections while preparing and more to some sections. But you should be clear that all sections are important. You have to clear sectional cut off in all sections. If you are unable to clear sectional cut off in any one section then you are not eligible for Interview.

In previous point I mentioned time management. You should allocate equal time to all sections. The best way is to allocate time according to marks of each section in real exams. This will help you prepare for that section in proportion to marks allocated for that section in IBPS PO exams.


I have listed common mistakes most candidates make in exams. They are deserving candidate but due to small mistakes in preparation or lack of guidance make the mistakes. You should read the article and focus on the points. This will help you get rid of these mistakes.

You can then prepare well for exams and crack it with ease. Happy preparation.