IBPS Specialist officer interview questions answers and tips

IBPS specialist officer exams are slowly becoming popular in professional degree holders.IBPS specialist officer recruitment consists of two stages written test and Interview.Candidates clearing written test have to face interview of different banks based on eligibility.

IBPS Specialist officer category

Below is the list of post IBPS is conducting recruitment for

  • I.T. Officer (Scale-I)
  • Agricultural Field Officer (Scale I)
  • Rajbhasha Adhikari (Scale I)
  • Law Officer (Scale I)
  • Technical Officer (Scale I)
  • HR/Personnel Officer (Scale I)
  • Marketing Officer (Scale I)
  • I.T. Officer (Scale-II)
  • Law Officer (Scale II)
  • Chartered Accountant (Scale II)
  • Finance Executive (Scale II)

Professional questions are mostly asked to candidates applying for grade I.Grade II candidates may face one or two odd professional questions.Above documents (download link ones) are applicable for candidates of all above trades.

IBPS Specialist officer interview last year experience

IBPS Specialist officer interview is a tough one.The reason is number of seats is less and competition is very much.You do not get enough time to perform.Normally interview duration is 15 min or less than 15 min.Yes it is right it is less than 15 min.

Last year in Indian Bank interview for specialist officer IT grade II candidates were given less than 10 min for interview.The interviewers already had their flight booked at same day in evening.So they were planning to wrap up the interview as soon as possible.

Most of the candidates in interview hall were unsatisfied with the whole interview process.Only general HR questions were asked to few candidates.Below is experience shared by me successful candidates (since it is most detailed experience so I am sharing it here).

Thank u for your material about ibps specialist officer..I got selected and want to share my experience so that it might help others to get prepared.
My name is -deleted by me for privacy reasons-.Qualification-MCA.Category -ST.Got -127 in written and got 64.4 out of 100 in both written and interview.There were 5 interviewers and 2 panels.I was given panel 2.The questions are as follows:-
Q1.Tell me about yourself?
Q2.Why you want to join banks??
Q3.One situation based question(I don't remember)
Q4.Questions about projects like length of the field,what was your project,what service can be provided through your projects??
Q5. What is Networking,proxy server,url,types of networking??
Q6.Where do we use compiler??
Q7.What were your subjects??
Q8.How much did you score in written??
Q9.What do we use if we want to connect internet and Intranet??
That's all!!Hope it will be useful!!
And at last thank to this site..It was very helpful while I was preparing for my interview..

IBPS specialist officer document list

After clearing IBPS specialist officer written test it is better to start preparing documents required during interview.This way you can avoid last min hiccups.I have listed all documents required during IBPS specialist officer interview for all trades in all banks.

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You can download documents list for free using the download link given at the end of this article.Documents like character certificate do need time so it is better to start early.Carrying all the documents is good sign.They do allow you to appear for interview in case you forget one of the docs.You have to give a underwriting stating you will provide those documents later on.

But this does make negative impression.In interviews every single thing count so you should take care of these stuff as well.

IBPS specialist officer interview planning

Proper planning is required to be successful in IBPS specialist officer interview.The reasons are given below

  • IBPS specialist officer interview consists of questions from your qualification.For example if you are applying for IT officer then there is possibility of facing IT questions in interview.This does make it tough.So you should revise basics of your core subjects taught during Engineering degree.For example for IT networking and Database Management Systems are core subjects and important to banks.Candidates should analyze which subjects of Engineering are useful for banks and prepare them.You will face questions based on these subjects.
  • Number of specialist officer seat is less.The minimum weighted score of written test is set high so that less number of candidates can clear the cut off.Since there is not much marks difference between candidates called for interview interview marks become very important.
  • As total interview time is less and preference is given to candidates with Bank experience (for grade II posts) it becomes tough for other candidates in such short duration interview.This trend was seen in last year IT MMGS II interview of Indian Bank.
  • Most Banks conduct interview in selected cities only.So chances are that you will travel to other city for interview.It is good to be ready for this in advance.You can expect interviews in Metro cities only or Bank headquarters (regional headquarters are also one possibility).
  • Candidates appearing for grade II have more tough times than candidates appearing for grade I.The reason is only few banks recruit for grade II.Last year only Indian overseas bank,Indian Bank and Bank of Baroda recruited for grade II specialist IT officer.With 19 banks participating in IBPS this is very less number.
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IBPS Specialist officer interview interview panel

IBPS specialist officer interview panel comprises of three persons (most of the cases). The personal sitting in middle will be the main interviewer.One of the member will be from technical background of your trade.HeĀ  can ask you professional questions if the need is felt.One of the member will analyze your profile and make some notes.

He will ask you profile based questions mostly.The main interviewer mostly judges your personality and body language during the interview.Most of the time he starts the interview with some generic question.You should focus on main interviewer during the interview.But from time to time it is good to maintain eye contact with other interviewers asking questions.

IBPS specialist officer interview questions

IBPS specialist officer interview questions can be grouped into below categories

  • HR questions
  • Profile based questions
  • Personality test questions
  • Decision making questions
  • Professional knowledge questions

I have listed major questions in a free download document.You can download the document from download link shared at the end of this article.

IBPS specialist officer interview preparation

I would suggest you to download both the documents provided in this post.The documents give you idea about questions and suggestions for the answers along with some tips before interview and after interview.But to make most out of this tutorial and documents you should follow below steps

  • List all possible questions to be asked in Interview.It is tough to list technical questions so barring that try to list other questions.
  • Prepare answer for those questions.You should write down the answers along with questions in your notebook.
  • Now review the answers and try to think of possible questions arising from your answers.You can take help of your friends or other in this matter.
  • Prepare answers for questions generating from above step.You can also modify your answers so that confusing questions do not arise from them.
  • Practice speaking the answers.You should not be too fast or slow while answering.
  • It is better to give an interview before your friends or parents before appearing for real interview.This will help you if you do not have prior interview experience.It also helps experienced candidates as well.
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IBPS specialist officer free downloads

Exam preparation material free download

Above link contains downloadable documents for Interview questions and Interview tips.The interview tips are applicable for all the exams whereas Interview questions have HR questions.Mostly in specialist officer interview HR questions are asked.

Most of the IBPS specialist officer interview questions remain the same for all the post and trades.Some questions differ based on post you are applying for and grade of the post you are applying for.Sometimes they may ask you questions related to relocation or technical stuff but that not too detailed or deep.

Link to the book

Need Help

Feel free to reach me in case you need any information from my side.Hope you enjoyed the article and found it useful.Consider sharing the post if it seems useful.

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