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IES Electrical Engineering Overview

Electrical Engineering is one core branch of Engineering. The popularity of this branch is declining with time. Newer branch of Engineering like Computer Science have overtaken it. But Electrical Engineering is one of the papers in ESE exam. Note ESE and IES both are same exams. So do not get confused.

As mentioned above the importance may be on decline based on number of candidates opting for this Engineering branch. But it still is important part of IES exams. The presence of Government jobs in good number is one reason candidates opt for Electrical Engineering.

You should have BE or BTECH in Electrical Engineering to appear for ESE Electrical paper. In this article I will not cover eligibility criteria and exam format in details. I have covered these topics in my article on IES Exams.You can also post your queries on that paper as well.

I will provide you preparation materials in this article. The concentration is to provide yo9uu best materials for the exams.Below are the topics we will cover in this article.

  1. Free Online Tests
  2. Free Android App
  3. Recommended Books

IES Electrical Engineering posts

Below are some organizations where candidates successful in Electrical Engineering paper are placed (as per wiki)

  • Central Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Service (Central Public Works Department)
  • Central Power Engineering Service
  • Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (EME), Indian Army
  • Indian Defence Service of Engineers (Military Engineer Services)
  • Indian Naval Armament Service (Directorate of Naval Armament)
  • Indian Naval Stores Service (Indian Navy)
  • Indian Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS)
  • Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers
  • Indian Railway Stores Service
  • Indian Supply Service (Directorate General of Supply and Disposals)
  • P & T Building Works Service (Department of Telecommunications (DOT), Ministry of Communications)

Ministry of Communications, Defense services and Railways are major employer of candidates successful in this paper. Ministry of Communications is one department recruiting Electrical Engineers majority not other branches except Electronics.

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IES Electrical Engineering Recommended Books

There are many coaching institutes for IES exams preparation. Most of them have written their books as well. Almost all major publishing houses have their book. The number of choices are good. But this also adds to confusion as which one should you use.

Also the exams is divided into two parts Objective test and Subjective paper. You should ideally have two books one for objective exam and other for subjective exams.You can consult one book if it covers and does justice with both the exams.

I have given links to each book. You can buy them online with good discount using these links.

Book 1

This book is a complete book.It covers objective exams as well as conventional exam. It is not just collection of previous year papers. It is like a last minute guide to revise your concepts and hone your problem solving skill.

  • The book is divided into chapters.Each chapter has key concepts presented in easy to understand manner.
  • Each questions has key notes and practice questions at end of it
  • 10 previous years solved questions are given
  • The solutions are detailed so you can easily grasp the concepts and understand the logic used.
  • Includes new chapter: Engineering Mathematics

Click to buy UPSC ESE Electrical Engineering

Book 2

The first book was complete book.There is not much complete books available in market. Most of them focus on one paper or another.It is trend to have separate book for objective and conventional paper.This book is for prelims exam.

I recommend this book because of below features

  • The book is organized topic wise. It is further sub divided into chapters.
  • Previous 24 years questions are solved with detailed explanation.The questions are divided into chapters.
  • The division of questions into chapters help candidates relate the topic of question.
  • The explanation of solutions is very detailed and easy to understand.In fact this is best part of the book.
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The book is also error free. Books with printing mistakes and wrong solutions confuse candidates.It significantly impacts preparation of a candidate.So I always recommend using error free book or book with least mistakes for preparation.This one is one such book.

Click to buy Prelims book

Book 3

Above two books fill gap for a generic book and objective book.Now it is time for Conventional book. The first book does cover conventional papers and helps in conventional exam but in case you want dedicated book for conventional paper then refer below book.

Note I recommend using dedicated book for conventional paper. You can use first book as reference guide. It helps you recall and revise the concepts easily by solving all types of problems. But it is better to have a dedicated book for conventional paper. You can buy it along with other two or after preliminary exam result.

Buying it after preliminary exam results will leave you less day to practice so best is to buy along with other books.It gives you more time to practice both papers.As time for preliminary exam nears you can concentrate on one more than other.

Below book covers previous year solved questions.All the questions are with detailed explanation. The explanation is good.There is lack of book which covers both conventional paper 1 and 2.This is one of the book which has both the papers. So you do not have to consult two books.This is one reason of recommending this book.

Click to buy conventional paper book

Based on your need you can either purchase the first book or all three of them.Now we will see free online tests. I prepared this online test to compliment your preparation.

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IES Electrical Engineering Online tests

I have set free Online tests.These online tests have questions from previous year IES Electrical exams and sample questions important for current year exams.The tests is with answer.It also shows top scores from previous attempts. So you can compare your score with that of others who have attempted the exams earlier.

You can attempt the tests any number of times. All the tests have unique set of questions.So you should attempt all tests for better results.These online tests are mainly aimed at Preliminary test theory questions.If you have attempted all these papers then you will be in comfortable position while attempting theory questions.

Below are the links to online tests (coming soon)

IES Electrical Engineering Android App

Many of you may not have Laptop or desktop so I came up with Android Mobile App as well.The app provides unlimited online tests with answers.You can take daily test.The App remembers your marks in last ten exams.So you get idea about improvement in your preparation level.

You can also compare your marks with that of top scorer.That gives you target point to achieve.Below is link to Android App

IES Android App link


I have mentioned everything one needs to clear the exams. You can use these materials along with the ones you may already have to clear the exams.Note IES is one of the toughest exam.So better planning and more importantly execution is needed to crack it.

All the best for the upcoming exams. Consider sharing this post in case you found it useful.

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