IES General Studies Android mobile App

Where to find the IES Mobile App?

The IES General Studies Mobile App is present on Google Play.It is completely free of cost and will remain so.Below are the links to the Mobile App both on Android App Store and Windows Phone store.You can install the mobile apps for Android and Windows Mobile using below links

You can go to above links from your mobile to download the apps or you can use below method.On Android phones search for Esha Upadhyay and you will be presented with list of apps created by me for different competitive exams.You can install them as it will help you prepare for these exams.On the list you will also find the IES exams app.You can install them on your Android phone just like any other app.

Similarly you can easily install the app on your windows phone.You can follow the link given above or you can search Windows phone store from your Windows mobile phone with Esha Upadhyay. That will give you list of apps published by me on Windows app store.After that you can install IES app or any other app you are interested in.

What IES exams app contain?

The App contains 3 different sections

  • Practice Mode
  • Exam Mode
  • Syllabus

Practice Mode

Practice mode helps you prepare for the Exams.You will have to answer the questions.After answering the questions correct answer along with explanation is displayed.You will get explanation for all questions of the IES Quiz.

Above IES exams mobile app has solution of General Studies questions asked in previous IES exams.The General Studies section is divided into two parts.One part tests your English language knowledge along with Quantitative Aptitude.The other part tests your General Awareness.

The App contains solution of second part.Each and every questions is well researched.The answers given are accurate.So you do not have to cross verify the answers or fear about learning the wrong answers.The questions are displayed randomly.

So you never get the same question no matter how many times you visit the app.There may be slight chance that one question may get repeated but not the complete or most part of them you already read previously.

After you select an option for the question the correct answer is displayed.So you can test your preparation at the same time you can prepare for the exams.So the app serves dual purpose.The user interface is simple and app is fast so your data consumption is very minimal.

Exam Mode

The App also has daily exams which is very similar to IES exams.The exam has negative marking and is time based.You can see your performance in last ten exams.This gives you idea of your preparation level improvement over time.

Also you can see performance of other candidates in daily exams.This helps you get an idea of your preparation level compared to other candidates appearing for IES exams.As it is competitive exam the relative preparation level is more important.

In exam mode you also get to know whether your answer was wrong or right.This will help you figure out where things went wrong.I would recommend taking exams mode when you are prepared.

You can also take exams daily as you will get unique questions each day.Taking exams daily ensures you are covering most of the questions.There are high chances that same questions may get repeated in real IES exams.So take exams mode seriously along with Practice mode.

The questions in exam mode are carefully drafted.It includes questions important for current year IES exams.Questions from previous year IES exams are also included.I have seen many questions from previous year IES exams have got repeated over the time.

You will also see questions from practice mode as well in exams mode.The reason is Practice mode contains all sort of questions (previous year,model questions and important questions for current year).

We sometimes forget practiced questions in real exams due to tension or nervousness. Including Practice question in exams help you identify if you have similar problems.Also it will help you understand if you read explanation of practice questions or not.


Syllabus tab provides details about IES Syllabus for all Engineering streams.I have plans to create apps or add engineering questions to App as well.At least the theory ones.But it depends on time.But surely this is one thing I have in mind for sometime now.

The syllabus provided is detailed and broken into sections and sub sections.It is divided paper wise.That is syllabus for first paper and second paper.So you will not have to explore sites or other places to search for Syllabus.

The App will get updated timely to make sure it reflects any change in syllabus whatsoever over the period.

IES exams app need

IES exams is considered as one of the toughest exams not only in India but in World.The syllabus and competitiveness of exams make it difficult to crack. The General Awareness section is one section you can prepare on off times.For example if you are in office you can not take your book or other resources for preparation.At that time you can safely use the app and prepare for the exams.

Also the app contains all questions with answers in a single place.So you do not have to browse through the list of websites or pages to get the questions and then the correct answer.Every thing is already taken care of.You just need to install and follow the app.

The idea of creating this app came to my mind after requests from reader of my post on Indian Engineering Services. It is one of the most visited post on this blog.Many candidates wanted to have centralized repository where they can find the information required for IES preparation.


I would like to know your views on the app or features you want in the app.That will help me improve it and make it more useful for you.Consider sharing this post so that candidates get to know about it.By sharing this post you will be helping them in their preparation.