IES General Studies details and preparation material

IES General Studies exam detail

The first paper of IES exams is of General Studies.It is often represented as Paper 1.Paper 1 is of 200 marks. IES General Studies paper is common for all candidates irrespective of the Engineering stream they are applying for.

That is even if you are applying for IES Civil or IES Mechanical or any other streams you will have to appear for and pass IES General Studies examination. IES General studies exam paper is multiple choice question.

The objective test has 120 questions in total and is of 200 marks.The total time allotted is 2 hours.For wrong answer one third of marks is deducted.Also there is no negative marking if you have not answered a question.

The question paper is divided into two sections English section and General Awareness section.Each of the section has equal number of questions (60 questions each).In this post we will see details and preparation material for each of the sections.

I have written separate post on Indian Engineering Services (IES or ESE) which provides details like eligibility criteria, exam format  and exam schedule. You can also post your questions on that article.

IES General Studies preparation material

I have created all types of materials to help candidates prepare for IES General Studies paper.You can use these materials for free.The preparation material comprises of online tests,Mobile App and downloadable papers.

IES General Studies Online Tests

I have created series of Online tests which will help you check your IES exams preparation.These tests are very important for IES exams preparation because of below reasons

The tests break up your marks in sections.After the online test is over you can see how much you scored in each section.This will help you identify sections you have to work more and sections you are well prepared.

At the end of online tests you will know correct answers to each question.This helps you find out what went wrong in exams and what is the correct answer.If you want to know the explanation then you have to install the free IES general studies mobile app.

You will also see top performers in that quiz along with their marks.This will help you find out gap between you and the best performers.So you can get an idea where your preparation level stands compared to other candidates appearing in the IES exams.

Below are the links to Online tests.You can click on below links to start the online tests.All the exams have

  • 40 questions
  • 25 minute time limit
  • Questions from previous year IES exams
  • Model questions important for current IES exam
  • Questions from different sections like in real IES exams
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IES General Studies Mobile App

The mobile App is the best way to prepare for these exams because it offers you explanation for each question along with answer.The online exams and download materials are also very helpful.You can use any one of them or all of them.

Mobile App has answers along with explanation. It is also free of cost. You can install it for free from Google Play.The mobile app has unlimited number of test .It also remembers your previous score. It also compares your score with that of top score. So you can get an idea of your preparation level.

IES General Studies Mobile App link

IES Preparation Material download

The materials contain previous year question.They also contain questions important for current year IES exams.This makes the preparation materials very useful.Above materials are sufficient for IES General studies exam preparation.Follow below steps to download the materials

Step 1

Log into your Gmail account in a separate tab of your browser or you can directly click on the below YouTube button.

Step 2

If you are not yet sign into Gmail then after button click you will have to sign in. If you have already sign in into separate tab then you will not be asked to sign in.

Step 3

The file will get downloaded automatically if you have followed above two steps correctly.

Download IES Preparation Material

Click on plus one button to download General Studies preparation material

Recommended IES books

But in case you need book as many prefer to use hard copy book for reading and exam preparation then you can buy below book. This book covers most topics and will be good read. The features of book are

  • Thoroughly based on the latest ESE syllabus
  • Synopsis of concepts and key notes in each chapter
  • Practice questions at the end of chapter for review
  • Ppular and highly rated by Students

You can buy the book at discounted price from below link.

Click to buy ESE Paper I General Studies & Engineering Aptitude Guide

IES 2017 syllabus change

There is change in syllabus of IES 2017.Since it is too early and only notification of change is published.It will take sometime to understand the changes.I will be updating all the content as per new General Studies Syllabus and exam pattern.

Below is new syllabus or outline of topics from which questions will be asked in IES exams.As per the notification the percentage of marks from each topic will be 5% to 15% of total marks that is 200.

  • Current issues of national and international importance relating to social, economic and industrial development
  • Engineering Aptitude covering Logical reasoning and Analytical ability
  • Engineering Mathematics and Numerical Analysis
  • General Principles of Design, Drawing, Importance of Safety
  • Standards and Quality practices in production, construction, maintenance and services
  • Basics of Energy and Environment: Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, Climate Change, Environmental impact assessment
  • Basics of Project Management
  • Basics of Material Science and Engineering
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) based tools and their applications in Engineering such as networking, e-governance and technology based education.
  • Ethics and values in Engineering profession
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IES General Studies English section

English is an important section.As mentioned above there are 60 questions in this section.You will have questions from topics like

  • Sentence Improvement
  • Spotting Errors
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Comprehension

Sentence Improvement

Normally we have around 10 questions from Sentence Improvement.These questions test your Grammar Knowledge.Mostly questions test your Tense, Usage of verbs and preposition.If you have practiced these things then this section is not a problem for you.

With around 10 question asked per year this section is very scoring and less time consuming. But you have to focus on topics mentioned above.

Spotting Errors

Spotting errors are again a high scoring section and less time consuming.You get around 10 questions in spotting errors.Spotting errors also test your basic Grammar knowledge.Each sentence is divided into many sub section and you have to spot whether any part of the sentence has errors or is error free.

Fill in the Blanks

They are also test of Grammar only.The only difference is that they test your knowledge of Preposition,Conjunction,Adjective and Adverb.They also have fair share of questions.This section is also less time consuming and very scoring.

Above three sections have approx 30 questions.If you have practiced Grammar then you can finish the section pretty quickly.You can also score good marks if answered correctly.

If you plan to score good marks in English section then you should focus more on these three sections.Grammar is very important for scoring good marks in these three sections.


Synonyms represent good number of questions.Now this is a tricky section.But this section consists of easy questions and tough ones.Easy ones can be answered by candidates having decent exposure to English language.

You may find difficulty in answering tough ones.I do not suggest focusing too much on this section.You can try to answer 50% of the questions in this section. Targeting 50% in this section should not be tough as there are some easy questions in this section.


Antonyms are yet another important section of IES General Studies paper.Antonyms along with Synonyms may have as much as 20 questions or as less as 10 questions.But nevertheless they represent fair share of questions every year.

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Preparing for these sections is tough.You should not target or it is difficult to target answering every question in this section.So focus should be on answering 50% or there about in this section.

You should also answer these sections in end may be after answering above mentioned three sections and before comprehension.We will discuss comprehension next.


Comprehension is more time consuming section.It is scoring and you may see 12 or more questions from this section.You can have approx 2 comprehension paragraph in the section.

You should answer Comprehension section last.This section will take time.Though the size of passages is not too big.This section is done right is a high scoring section.You can try to make most out of this section.

IES General Studies Awareness section

This is second section of IES General studies exams.This section also has 60 questions. IES General Awareness section comprises of questions from different sections like

  • Geography
  • History
  • Civics
  • Science
  • General Awareness


You can expect around 5 or more questions from Geography.Normally Geography questions may range from World Geography to Indian Geography.The syllabus of Geography section ranges from what you have read in class 9 and class 10.


The representation of History section is going down every year.Sometimes this section has fair representation but some times it has less representation.Most of the times question is from Modern Indian history.Very less questions are from Ancient and Middle history or World History.


Civics is very important section for IES General studies exams.The number of questions from Civics are increasing in number.The syllabus of Civics section is less and representation is more.

This is very scoring section and less time consuming with limited syllabus.

General Science

The representation of General Science section is on increasing side.Biology has increasing share of questions falling in General Science category.Candidates should focus more on Biology section.

Topics like Food and Nutrition, Disease are most important topics.You will see approx 4 to 5 questions from these topics every year.Also the questions are repeated in previous year IES exams.This makes these topics very interesting.

General Awareness

There are questions which are based on recent events or famous historic events.These questions can not be clubbed in any one of the above sections.You can expect fair share of questions from this section.

Questions can be on awards and contribution of famous personalities or books written by them.


You can easily crack IES General studies paper if you plan the exams well.You should focus on correct sections.You should properly use the resources mentioned in this post for your preparation and testing your knowledge.

Feel free to ask you queries and questions if any.Consider sharing this post in case you found it useful.

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