IES General Studies online test series

I have created series of Online tests which will help you check your IES exams preparation.These tests are very important for IES exams preparation because of below reasons

The tests break up your marks in sections.After the online test is over you can see how much you scored in each section.This will help you identify sections you have to work more and sections you are well prepared.

At the end of online tests you will know correct answers to each question.This helps you find out what went wrong in exams and what is the correct answer.If you want to know the explanation then you have to install the free IES general studies mobile app.

You will also see top performers in that quiz along with their marks.This will help you find out gap between you and the best performers.So you can get an idea where your preparation level stands compared to other candidates appearing in the IES exams.

Below are the links to Online tests.You can click on below links to start the online tests.All the exams have

  • 40 questions
  • 25 minute time limit
  • Questions from previous year IES exams
  • Model questions important for current IES exam
  • Questions from different sections like in real IES exams

The exams focus on General Ability section of IES exams.This is first paper of IES and is mandatory for every candidate irrespective of stream they are appearing for.Due to wide range of topics and variety of questions covered it becomes very difficult for candidates to prepare for this section.

I have clubbed the topics in below sections


Anything related to Constitution and Policy is covered under Civics sections. In above exams these type of questions are clubbed into Civics section.After test you will know your score in Civics section.That will help you identify how well prepared you are in this topic.

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Civics is one of the very important section in IES exams.You will get few questions from Parliament system and related to India Polity.There will be questions from Indian Constitution as well.

Different Government Organizations and their functions is another important topic covered under Civics.Civics in my opinion is a simple topic to prepare but have greater reward.

The number of topics you have to cover under Civics is less but the representation of this section is significantly higher than other high topic section.

The mobile app covers most of the topics asked in previous year IES exams.So it helps you prepare for Civics section better.The problem in preparing this section is lack of information in one place.

Candidates have to browse through many web pages,books and materials to prepare for Civics section.This is where Mobile App helps you.It provides you single place where you will get all the relevant information important for your preparation.

You do not have to do any research all the research and fact finding is performed by me on your behalf.


Questions related to Geography of India and World are grouped in this section.There are some questions which Candidates may think should be clubbed under other section but on closer look fall under Geography.

Major Geography topics are basic ones related to Weather,Seasons and India Agriculture,Mineral and Industries.There are some questions which are tough to prepare.Geography is one of the tough sections in IES exams.

But if you prepare using above Online test and mobile app the this section becomes simple.Based on previous year pattern and explanation for the questions help you increase your knowledge of this section.

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For example if previous year IES exams have a question of Largest producer of Rice then this year you will not get same question.But chances are you will get question for other cereal or pulse.

So candidates have to read through books to cover minerals and other agricultural products as chance is any one of them can be asked in exams.In mobile app I have consolidated the information in explanation section of each question.

So if you prepare for one section then you are preparing for all questions related to it.This way if in IES exams you face similar question then you are ready.You do not have to study and gather the information.


Normally IES exams focus on Indian history mainly.I have seen very few almost none question from World history.So for exams you should mainly focus on History with more emphasis on Modern history.

Every year the importance of history in IES exams is decreasing.This has been a trend for quite sometime.But they may change it any year just to surprise candidates.With decreasing importance of History section candidates may focus less on it.

In Modern History the Andolans and related questions are of importance.They do ask couple of questions from this section.The mobile app excels in this area.I have consolidated the information in explanation section of questions.

The online exam also focus on Modern History section.If you answer the questions you will get an idea of question pattern and range of topics they touch upon.


I personally did not wanted to have too many sections for Online test.So I put all Biology and General science related questions under one umbrella.Science is becoming an important section in IES exams.

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The importance of this section is increasing.You will find questions related to Nutrition and Disease.These are the sections from which you will always find few questions.I have compiled list of all Nutrition and Disease.

For example if question is about Malaria or Calcium then I have prepared a whole list of disease or minerals. What it does is that you are prepared for similar questions.There were occasions that similar questions were asked in IES exams.

This has been taken care of by providing detailed information in explanation section of the questions in Mobile App.So it is very important that you download the App and along with answering the question read through the explanation section.

General Awareness

It is yet other important section in IES exams.There are questions which can be clubbed under other section as well.I have tagged question which can not be tagged under other section in this one.

Very few questions asked in IES exams are related to recent incidents.Major questions in this section is not based on recent incidents.All previous year IES questions are covered in this section along with explanation and related information.

I would recommend you install the mobile App for preparation.You can take above online exam to test your preparation.Mobile App also has daily exams.Those daily exams will also help you track your progress.

Above online exams help you compare your performance with that of other candidates.This will help you in your preparation.

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