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IES Mechanical Engineering Overview

Indian Engineering Services (IES) or Engineering Services Exams (ESE) are same examinations. First one is old terms and second one is new term.Mechanical Engineering is one of the papers in ESE Exams.

I have written separate article on IES Exams covering eligibility criteria, exam format and other important details you should know before applying for this exam.You can also post your questions on that article.

In this article I will cover topics which will help you crack this paper or help you in preparing for this exam.

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  2. Free Android App
  3. Recommended Books

IES Mechanical Engineering posts

Candidates successful in this paper are posted as Assistant Executive Engineer. This is grade A post. Candidates posted through Engineering Services exams can become Director of the company.

Below are some organizations where ESE candidates are placed (as per wiki)

  • Border Roads Engineering Service (Border Roads Organisation)
  • Central Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Service (Centraok l Public Works Department)
  • Central Engineering Service (Ministry of Road Transport & Highways)
  • Central Power Engineering Service (Central Electricity Authority)
  • Central Water Engineering Service (Central Water Commission)
  • Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (EME), Indian Army
  • Indian Defence Service of Engineers (Military Engineer Services)
  • Indian Inspection Service (Directorate General of Supply and Disposals
  • Indian Naval Armament Service (Directorate of Naval Armament)
  • Indian Naval Stores Service (Indian Navy)
  • Indian Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS)
  • Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers
  • Indian Railway Stores Service
  • Indian Supply Service (Directorate General of Supply and Disposals)

All the organizations listed above are premier Government organizations. There are also organizations related to Defense (for example Indian Naval and Indian Ordnance). IES career option is one of the most respectable posts in India.

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IES Mechanical Engineering Recommended Books

Selecting a good book is always advantage. I have listed out popular books in order of recommendation. You should prefer the first book. If for some reason you do not want the first book you can try the second one and so on.

I will also list out reasons of recommending the book as well. This will help you compare the books yourself and decide which one to use. Note selection of book should be in accordance to your reading style.

I would recommend to have one book which covers all the topics of Mechanical Engineering. This book you can refer for concept clearing and scanning through the topics. You should also buy dedicated book for

Book 1

This is very good book for preparation. The best thing is it combines logic with questions. The concise logic part helps you get overview of concepts in quick time. Below features make this book an essential material for preparation

  • Synopsis of concepts and key notes in each chapter
  • Practice questions at the end of chapter for review
  • 10 Previous years solved papers (2007-2016)
  • Includes new chapters : Renewable Sources of Energy & Mechatronics and Robotics
  • Approx 1,500 pages covering essentials of theory for Preliminary exams as well as Mains
  • Highly rated by students as book is basically free from mistakes
  • One of the book which is helpful for Preliminary exams as well as Mains exams

Click here to buy ESE Mechanical Engineering Guide

Book 2

Above book is combination of theory and numerical. Now this book is for preliminary exams.Below features make this book an excellent choice for Preliminary exams

  • Chapter-wise objective solved papers (2000 – 2015)
  • Detailed explanations for most of the questions
  • Solved Papers: ESE 2016 (Paper I and II) and ESE 2017
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This book in combination of above book gives complete material for Preliminary paper. You can practice papers with this book and then consult the first book if you do not understand a solution. This cyclic way of solving this book will help you grasp the concept and its application better.

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Book 3

Above we have seen books for Preliminary exams and a generic book. Now it is time for Mains exams. Mains have comprehensive questions (not objective type as in Preliminary exams). For Mains exams you can buy below book due to these features

  • Previous years solved papers (2000-2016)
  • Questions supported with detailed explanations
  • Includes both paper I and paper II

These three books provide you essential preparation material for the ESE exams. This book will provide you practice paper after understanding the topic from first book. The previous year questions are with solution and explanation.This helps you understand the solution better.

Once you have idea of concept used to solve the question you can revise the same using first book.This helps you in solving similar type of questions or questions based on that concept faster in exams.

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IES Mechanical Engineering Online tests

Online tests are best way to revisit your preparation. Also quality of questions is more important than quantity of questions. So I have created online tests which help in your preparation.These tests have combination of previous year ESE questions along with important questions for current year exams.

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All the questions are with answer.All tests have unique set of questions. So you should solve all tests for best preparation.Instead of creating too many tests I focused on quality.The intent was to provide best material without duplicate and question repetition.

You can also compare your result with that of other candidates who took on the test. That will give you fair idea of your position in the competition. Based on the outcome of test you can revisit your concept and attempt the test again.This will help you improve your preparation level for ESE exams.

Below are the links to online tests (coming soon)

IES Mechanical Engineering Android App

Mobile Apps are one of the best way of exam preparation.You do not need to have books. You can solve questions while traveling or attending lectures.This is why I created Android App. The questions are with answer and explanation.Below is the link of Android App

IES General Studies Android mobile App


I have posted information that will help you crack the paper. The way information is used is more important. You should really concentrate and make a study plan. Along with that selection of good book and online tests are important.

You can also post your questions or suggestions as well. Consider sharing this post in case you found this useful.

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