LIC AAO Insurance exam online test series

Why Insurance Test Series?

Insurance industry is one of the leading industries in terms on recruitment.Every year good number of candidates make their career in Insurance industry.There are wide range of career options.But one thing is common in all career options presented by Insurance Industry.You should have knowledge of Insurance.

Basic knowledge of Insurance is required to clear recruitment exams (written exams or Interview). The number of vacancies in Insurance industry is also huge. For example Life Insurance Corporation of India LIC helds exams like AAO,ADO and Agents almost every year.

On similar lines other Government Insurance Companies like GIC,NICL,Oriental Insurance,United Insurance also recruits young graduates.Along with these Government Insurance companies private insurance companies also recruit healthy number of candidates every year.

The Insurance career option is good as well.The salary package is at par with other industry.To get job in Insurance sector you should have knowledge of Insurance.But it was difficult to find preparation material or test series which serves purpose of students preparing for such exams.

Due to demands of candidates I have prepared Insurance knowledge test series.Though I have labelled this test series for LIC AAO it is equally helpful for other exams as well.

Insurance Test Series link

You can click on below links to try online tests.Each exam has different type of question.So far best result you should take all the tests.Also each exam tests your skill on different Insurance topic.Below are the links to Insurance tests

Insurance Test Series features

Previous year and model questions

Insurance online tests have questions from previous year as well as model questions.Model questions are questions important for current year exams.Model questions are created with previous year trends in mind.Questions do change with year.Very few questions from previous year is repeated.

So along with previous year we have included model questions.It is good to practice previous year questions as well.Question asked in GIC may be asked in NICL. Similarly question asked in NICL may be asked in Oriental insurance.So we have created a single test series for all the exams.

Students preparing for any exam should practice question from other similar exam.They should not only focus on previous year question of exam they are appearing for.Solving questions from other similar exams will help you.You may see questions from other exams in your exam as well.

Topics Covered

The questions of Insurance online test series are divided into four parts mentioned below

  • Insurance Basics
  • Life Insurance
  • General Insurance
  • Insurance Agent

Insurance Basics

Insurance basics covers basic as well as advanced concept of Insurance.It covers concept which are common to Life Insurance as well as General Insurance.These questions are important for candidates preparing for Life Insurance exams as well as General Insurance exams.

I have also included International questions in one of the test series.Sometimes there are questions from International Insurance regulations and bodies.So that test series covers these questions.International and National Insurance bodies and regulation related questions are covered in Insurance basics section.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance section covers questions related to Life Insurance and Annuity.Students preparing for Life Insurance exams should focus more on this section.Questions specially related to Life Insurance are clubbed into this section.

General Insurance

General Insurance section covers questions related to all branches of General Insurance.Just for information to readers Insurance is divided into two broad category Life Insurance and General Insurance.Every insurance other than life insurance is part of general insurance.Questions related to insurance other than life are clubbed into this section.

Insurance Agents

This section clubs questions mainly aimed for Insurance Agents.Insurance Agents questions are different.So if you are preparing for Insurance Agents exams you should focus on these questions.These questions will provide you good insight.

Real Exam experience

The online test series provides real exam experience to candidates.You should take online test before appearing for real exams.The online test series has

  • Negative Marking – Every test has negative marking like real insurance exams
  • Time limit – Every exam has time limit.Speed is very important.So the online test also has speed limit.

Speed and Accuracy are very important for real exam.To build speed and accuracy you should practice online tests.

Group based performance

Above I have mentioned four groups in which every online test questions are divided.Some online tests have more questions from one particular group while others may have more questions from other groups.After end of tests you can see your performance in each group.

This gives you idea how well your preparation is in a particular group.You should focus on sections you are weak and also increase your accuracy in strong sections.This categorization of questions help candidates areas of improvement.

Performance Comparison

This is one of the best feature of this online test series.You can take tests and at the end enter your marks.You can also see your performance with that of top performers who have entered their marks as well.This will give you idea how well your preparation is in Insurance knowledge compared to other candidates.

Comparing your marks with others will show gap between your preparation and others.This will help you understand and if necessary focus on sections you are weak in.

Unlimited tries and free tests

All the exams are free.Unlike many other websites out there it is not paid nor it requires you to create account or do anything time consuming.You can come and give exams.Also you can give exams any number of times you want.For example if you tried first exam today then again tomorrow you can try the exam.

After the end of exam correct answer is also displayed.You can also use exams for preparation as well.Also every question has explanation as well.For explanation of every question and daily exams you should download Insurance mobile app.

Explanations will help you understand the concepts of Insurance better.So for best preparation along with online tests you should install the mobile app as well.The mobile app is also free.


The Insurance online test was created with students in mind.I will be updating this post with new online tests as well.The tests will be including questions important for current year exam.I will focus on quality instead of quantity.So you will get less number of tests but quality of tests will be high to make sure your success rate increases.

Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions below.Consider sharing this post in case you found this useful.

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