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Quantitative Aptitude is the most important topic for Competitive exam. No matter which competitive exam you are preparing for you will have to prepare for it.Getting good score in this topic is very important for success in Competitive exams.

Even in Campus recruitment of most Private or Public Companies we have Quantitative Aptitude section.Looking at the importance of this section I have prepare Quantitative Aptitude online test series.The test series has been designed keeping in mind requirements of candidates preparing for exams like IBPS,SSC,LIC,Railways and other Bank exams.

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Quantitative Aptitude Online test Features

As mentioned above the test series was created carefully.I kept in mind needs of students preparing for Competitive exams.

Model question for current year exam

This is by far the most important feature of the exams.I have included questions which have high chances of appearing in current year exams.Every year the type and pattern of questions are changing.We are increasingly seeing questions which require concept from two or three topics.

For example you may have a question which is from Mixture,Ratio and Unitary method combined.You will need concept of Mixture,Ratio and unitary method to solve these type of questions.Nowadays we do not see questions which require single concept.

In online tests I have included these type of questions.New pattern questions are also included.These questions are very important for current year exams.You may not get exactly same question.But you will get same type of question.Solving same type of question before will help you solve these questions in real exam faster and correctly.

This is why practicing model questions are very important.All the questions are with answer.This will help you in verifying your changes.Also the Mobile App has explanation for every question.You can install the mobile App.The explanation will help you learn the trick to solve the question.

Explanation for questions

I have seen many test which have only answer.There is no explanation or solution steps for the questions.This does not help students.Students then have to search every place to find the solution steps.They get confused if there answer is different then one mentioned.

This does not do good to students.There confidence go low.They are also very confused.If there is step by step solution for the problems then they will not have to search for solutions every where.So I have included explanation for every question.

Explanation also helps students to understand the concept.It helps them in solving similar problems or problems based on same concept easily.In real exams you may not get exactly the same problem but variations of it.So understanding the underlying concept is very important.

To make most of the online test series you should install the mobile App.You should then understand the step by step solution method.This may increase time taken for one problem but in longer term it will be very beneficial.You can solve other similar problem more accurately in less time.

Previous year questions

The online test series also contain questions from previous year competitive exams.Many a times question from IBPS will be present in SBI exam.This is quite common to see question from one competitive exam appearing in other competitive exam.

This is the reason we have included previous year questions in online test series.You should always solve previous year questions before real exams.Most students do it.But they miss one thing.They solve IBPS Clerk questions before appearing for IBPS Clerk exams.

But they should solve SBI Clerk questions as well before appearing for IBPS Clerk exams.The reason is pretty simple.You may get questions from SBI clerk or LIC exams in your IBPS Clerk or IBPS PO exams.This is very common.That is why this online test series is important for students of all competitive exams.

The concept behind the problems remain the same.The only thing that changes is numbers and language of problem.So no matter which exam you are preparing for you can safely use this test series.It will improve you concept.It will also help you get idea about probable questions.

Score Comparison

Every exam has one thing common.Your performance in exams does not matter.The performance of all candidates appearing in exams matter.So if others have performed better than you in exams then you do not have chance to clear it.Even if you have performed good in exams.

The online test series understands this.You can enter your score at the end of exams.Similarly other candidates can also enter their marks.The exams shows comparison of your marks with that of top ones.This gives you gap between you and other students.

All the exams have this facility.Also the mobile apps show this data.So you can compare your score with others in all the exams.This will help which exam you performed well and which exam you do not perform well.So you can know areas you are strong and areas you are weak.

Real Exam feel

A practice test should be same as that of real exam.Practice test should give you idea of real exams.That is why we have prepared the online tests similar in nature to real competitive exams.The online tests have

  • Negative Marking – All competitive exams have negative marking.So our online tests also have negative marking
  • Time limit – Every competitive exam have time of less than one minute to solve a problem.Online exams also have time limit.So it tests your speed as well.
  • Similar look and feel – Online exams may not have same user interface as that of real exams but more or less it gives you same look and feel.You also have to answer and navigate though questions like real exams.

All above features help you very much.You should not directly go to online exams before practicing it.Practicing it before exams helps you.I have seen candidates struggle because they have not attempted online exams before.They directly go to online exams.Things are different then paper exams so it takes time to adapt themselves as per online test.


I will be adding more quantitative aptitude online tests in future.Like current tests focus will be on quality instead of quantity.The questions will be added which are important for current year exams.You can also share your thoughts or questions about test series.

You can also post your questions and suggestions below.Consider sharing this post in case you found it useful.