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RBI Assistant recruitment details

Every year RBI comes up with notification for recruitment of Assistant post.Total number of vacancies in year 2015 is 504.The vacancies are distributed across different offices of RBI.You can apply online through bank website.The important dates are

  • You can apply online between 7th Nov and 28th Nov.Try not to apply on last date
  • The fees can be paid online between 7th Nov and 28th Nov
  • The preliminary test will be held on December 23 & 24, 2016.This is tentative date and can change.
  • The main written test will be held in month of January.

The education qualification required for RBI Assistant post is Graduation in any discipline with 50% marks.Along with it you should be aware of Microsoft Office usage.A person with computer knowledge (degree) will be given preference.Though this thing is not mentioned in advertisement.

Along with it knowledge of local language is preferable.For example if you are applying for Ahmedabad then knowledge of local language that is Gujarati is essential.You should be able to read,write and speak the local language.So you should not apply for centre of which you are not aware of the local language.

Your date of birth should be between 2nd June 1987 and 1st June 1997.In case you are born on any of these dates then also you are eligible for the post.But even if you are off by a single day then also do not apply for the exams.RBI or for that matter any institute are very strict about the eligibility criteria.

For example if in Graduation you have secured 49.99% marks then also they will not round it off to 50%.To before applying for the exams make sure you are completely eligible for the post.

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RBI Assistant written exam format

RBI Assistant recruitment process consists of written test and Interview.The written test will be online.The total marks in written test will be 200.Written test will comprise of

  • Reasoning – 40 questions each of one marks
  • English Language – 40 questions each of one marks
  • Numeric Ability – 40 questions each of one marks
  • General Awareness – 40 questions each of one marks
  • Computer knowledge – 40 questions each of one marks

The question paper will be in Hindi and English except the English test part.There will be sectional cut-off as well as negative marking in the exams.So you should not guess mark the answers.

RBI Assistant written exam preparation

Proper planning and time management is required to crack RBI Assistant written exams.The less time consuming sections are General Awareness and Computer Knowledge.If you can answer these sections quickly then you can dedicate more time to other sections like Reasoning and English language.Reasoning is most time consuming along with Numeric Ability.

So in your preparation plan you should focus more on Computer Awareness.It is one section which can give you more marks in less time.In computer knowledge most of the questions will be from Microsoft Office and Basic computers.If you are have prepared for Bank clerks can you can expect similar level questions in this exam as well.

I have also created free mobile app with questions and answers.You can download the mobile app for preparation.It will be beneficial for your RBI Assistant computer knowledge section as well as other exams computer knowledge section.

Apart from computer knowledge section General Awareness should be next focus point.Like Computer Awareness this section is also less time consuming and you can score good marks in it.In General Awareness section you can expect good amount of questions from Banking.

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So if you have prepared well for Banking Awareness (Bank PO or Bank Clerk) then that will be very useful in RBI Assistant exam.I have also prepared free mobile app for Banking Awareness.You can install the app and prepare for this section.

Apart from Banking Awareness you should also update yourself about recent news.If you have prepared these two sections well then you can expect good marks in General Awareness section.Getting good marks in Computer Awareness and General Awareness will increase your chances of selection.

You should then focus on clearing the sectional cut-off first on other three sections.You can assume 50% to be the sectional cut-off marks.So you can start with any of the three sections and try to attempt number of questions which will help you clear the cut-off.

After clearing the cut-off you can attempt the sections once more to score more marks.I have seen candidates who get very good scores but fail in sectional cut-off of one section.So despite getting good marks they can not proceed further.So you should plan to clear cut-off marks in all sections before attempting more questions in a section.

RBI Assistant written exam paper download

You can download the sample papers using download link given below.The questions in the sample paper are fully solved.You can download the papers and solve them to know about your preparation level.Also you can install the mobile apps as well.

Mobile apps tell you if you are taking more time to solve a question then what is needed to score good marks in competitive exams.So to increase your speed you should use the mobile app.It is for Android as well as Windows mobile phone.You can download preparation material from below link.

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Click here to download

RBI Assistant Book

Above materials along with Mobile Apps are sufficient for RBI Assistant exams.But if you want to have a book along with above materials you can buy this one.

Click Here for Recommended RBI Assistant Books

RBI Assistant interview preparation

RBI Assistant interview mainly focuses on recent news regarding Banking Industry.It also asks questions about recent RBI announcement and candidates thought on them.So you should be familiar with banking terms and terminologies.Along with that understanding of common terms like CRR and Repo rate is very important.I have covered these in my Banking Awareness app.

Apart from Banking related questions you will have profile based questions.For example if you are from a particular city or region then they may ask you about that region or city.So you should take a look into your profile and try to figure out the questions they may ask you.

Most of the candidates do not do this exercise.They do all the stuffs but do not dig in their profile to figure out possible interview questions arising from their profile.So your first step should be evaluating your profile for possible questions and then learning the banking stuffs.

I have compiled list of interview tips and HR based interview questions.You can also download the interview questions and tips document from above link.The preparation material contains Interview questions as well as Interview tips.


You can follow the suggestions mentioned in the post for better preparation of RBI Assistant exams.Also you can post your questions as well.The questions paper and mobile apps are very useful for preparation so download and start preparing.

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