Refund Policy

IBPSSC was created with candidates in mind.We here at IBPSSC want to provide you best experience and give optimal value for money.Having said that you may for some reason want not to avail services or give the service in midway after purchase.

The Refund Policy governs and provides details on cases you can avail full or partial refund of your money. You should read Refund policy and understand it.In case you have any doubts or concerns over the Refund policy you can share your thoughts.

The Refund Policy is created to help you and provide you information.As a user of IBPSSC you have rights and powers.The policy ensures you understand your responsibility as user of IBPSSC and also the power you have.

IBPSSC currently provides two main paid services on this site. The first one is eBook and second is Membership.

The eBook is not refundable.This means if you have purchased eBook then you can not get your money refunded.This is to ensure misuse of eBook.Also you should not share eBook with other users as every eBook sold is only for personal use.

You can not share the eBook or post it online on any social media networks or any sharing site which provides public or access to others who are not buyer of the eBook.If we came to know about any such misuse then we are entitled to charge you with extra money.

The extra charge will be same as number of persons receiving the copy (can be calculated approximately).So users after purchase of eBook should not share it or distribute it to others else they will be charged.

The second service provided by IBPSSC is Membership or Online Coaching.The online coaching service is partially refundable. You will get 50% money refunded before 30 days.So if you buy a membership and want to discontinue after 1 month you will get 50% of your money back.

Before 3 months you will get 25% of your money back.But you will get no refund post that period.Also every member has to ensure he is only using the system or accessing the site.If we came to know that single login is used by multiple user then amount equal to number of users logged in and cost per membership will be charged.

This charge will be payable by the member using the membership and will not be refundable.The above refund policy of partial refund will not be applicable in that case.So every member has to ensure that they are not misusing this system.

If a member came to know that someone is using there system then you should mail us or contact us.In that case we will create a new membership for you and you will not be charged.Note this should be done as early as possible and before our information about misuse.

So every member has to protect and make sure the system is not abused.This is in interest of IBPSSC as well as the individual members.