SBI PO interview questions answers and tips

State Bank of India is largest bank of India.The recruitment process consists of written test and Interview.SBI is preferred bank for most of the candidates due to pay package and other facilities provided by it.This makes SBI written test and SBI PO interview tougher than IBPS written test and IBPS PO interview.

SBI PO interview planning

Due to very reason stated above it is important to prepare hard for interviews.The seats are less and competition is high.This year there are only 1500 PO seats.You will be contesting with top talents of the country for a seat as SBI PO.So right after written test result declaration (or even better after written test) you should start planning for interview.

Proper planning increases your chances of success.Now having said enough about need of planning lets discuss things to plan.You should consider planning below things

  • You should arrange all the documents required in SBI PO interview before hand to avoid last min troubles.They will allow you to appear for interview in case you forget one or two documents but that does create negative impression.In exams as competitive as this it is better not to be sloppy.You will have to give written undertaking that you will produce these documents later on.I have created list of all documents required during the interview.You can download the document from download link given at end of this post.
  • Start collecting probable questions to be asked in SBI PO interview.This should be done as early as possible.I have created collection of interview questions along with answers and suggestion.You can download the document for free using document link given at end of the post.
  • Simply collecting the answers is not enough.You should prepare answers for them.Writing down the answers is good habit.This way you can read them many times to figure out pros and cons of the answer.You can also get it reviewed by anyone you feel is good person for this task.
  • Cultivate habit of reading economics section of newspaper or news channel along with headlines.For the time being invest some of your sports column time to economics column.Banking is core of economics so this habit will help you answer current banking questions.
  • Divide your time to prepare different parts of interview.I will be outlining details of it in next paragraph of this post only.Dedicating time will help you focus on areas equally or in order you feel you should focus.
  • The best enemy of a candidate in interview is nervousness.You should overcome it.It is easier said than done.I would advice you to face some dummy job interviews to boost your confidence and analyze your speaking and body language.You can also give presentations to boost your confidence and overcome nervousness.
  • SBI PO interview does have time constraint like IBPS PO interview.The interview duration will be approx 15 min to 20 min.You will have to present yourself in this time frame only.So body language and first couple of answers are the key.

SBI PO interview questions

I have created a document which lists interview questions along with answers and suggestions. You can download the document from download link provided at the end of the post.SBI PO interview questions can be grouped into below categories

  • Profile based HR questions — Questions based on your profile.
  • Personality Test questions — These questions are asked to judge your personality.These can be really confusing.It is one of the most difficult questions.
  • Banking Questions — You can expect banking questions asked in IBPS PO interview.They expect you to have basic knowledge of Banking industry.You should also have updated banking industry news.
  • Current Affairs — Some panels do ask questions based on latest news headlines.If there is some big news in Finance area then chances of questions from that section becomes more.
  • General Questions — You can expect one or two filler questions in Interview.They are not of great importance.Interviewers ask them to know more about you.
  • SBI specific questions — You should be aware of latest news or history of bank you are going interview for.Nowadays lot of emphasis is paid on rural India initiatives of Banks.So get yourself aware about rural plans of SBI and other plan it conducted successfully.

Some of these categories require you to read newspapers or follow any economics bulletin of news channel.It is good idea to write one or two lines about main headlines daily (banking in focus).It would act as your repository and you can just go through this data before interview.For example nowadays banking stocks are taking hit and Government has allowed new players to open banks.Points like this will become part of panels interview questions.

SBI PO interview preparation

Candidates consider reading as the only part of interview preparation.But this is not true.Interview is to judge your knowledge,your personality and common sense.Common sense is judged by situational questions as mentioned above.It is also judged by some general questions which tend to confuse you.Knowledge is judged by current affairs and banking related questions.

Candidates focus on Knowledge section but overlook common sense section and personality section.Personality is judged by HR questions,questions about your personality and your body language your communication style.

Every single action of yours in interview is interpreted by interviewer.I have documented tips to help you during interview,before interview and also in interview hall.You can download the tips using download link at end of the post.It is important not only read those tips but practice it while doing steps mentioned in interview planning stages.

You should start working on your voice modulation (you should not speak too fast or too slow).It should be clear and easy to understand.Lot of candidates assume that above means talking like foreigners.But there is no need to cultivate foreign accent.

Your hand movement and eye contacts are also very important.These are some of the thing to take care of.I have covered details of these topics in downloadable documents below.

SBI PO interview free downloads

Exam preparation material free download

Above link contains documents for Banking Awareness with answer,Interview questions with answer and Interview tips.Interview will test your Banking Knowledge.So it is better to prepare for banking questions.You can use my Banking mobile app for preparation as well.Along with mobile apps the Banking online test will also help you.

You can also download the interview material from above link.

In case you want a book then you can buy below book.This book will help you in most bank interviews so a good one to buy.

Link to the book

Need Help

Feel free to post your queries and share this post in case you found this useful.I will be updating the post to make it more useful for you.So keep watching this space for updated information.

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  1. Hello bros and sis’s……my interview of sbi po was on 7 th sept 2015….hyderabad…panel 2. Gd topic
    Should polticians have retirement age…gd went on for about 30-32 mins……after that 3 people were called for interview each time…….after entering intrvw room…..chairman called out my name …may be to verify if it was me or not…..there were 4 sirs..1 madam….they sat in sofas….which is unconventional…as i expected table..cushion chair stuff…………….:P……………..Main person: u just compltd ur btech in june….so jumping directly frm clg to bank?? …(witha smile)
    Me: yes sir…smiling
    He:: u have mentioned geography as ur intrest….umm..intresting…………..He: y gografy intrigues u?
    Me: bcoz..gografy is the key factor in world history… operation or disputes among countris is due to geography.example: india…china had 3 wars (or skirmishes) regarding boundary disputes….mainly over arnachal pradesh…tibet…aksai chin……..Madam: tell me about BRICS& BRICS bank….i ansrd..she: who iis present head of brics bank…. i forgot its head…kv kamath…..which i got after 4 hours of my interview….lol…..she : headquarters? Me: shanghai………Sir#2:name the rivers of ap …telangana
    Me: krshna..gdvari…penna ..manjeera..pranhita….there are many other rivers..but i could not recall…….He: name any hydel projrcts on these rivers
    Me: paithan projct on godvri in maharashtra..there are some others…i dont remember……… He: other than..hydel…what are other ways of generating electricty
    Me: thermal…….nuclear
    He: any others??
    May b …that being my first intrvw….i was a bit tense…and thereby i couldnt recollect properly
    He: what elements r usd in nuclear power genratn
    Me: uranium..plutonium…..somtimes..thorium………..Sir#2: what is renewable energy
    Me: that which cannot be depleted…..nomatter how much we use it.
    Me: solar
    He: any othr
    He: any othr
    Me: i didnt say anthing…..i kept staring at him…
    He: wat is deutirium?
    Actually..its an isotope of hydrogen….but i said it wrong……deutirium oxide is called heavy water…..i told him that deutirium is heavy water and its used in nuclear reactors as a coolant
    Sir ##3: do u know any tiger sanctuaries in telangana
    Me: sorry sir..i don have any idea
    Sir#3: what is mcmahon line
    Me: its the intended boundary btwn india and china…over which some disputes are there at the indo.tibet border
    Sir#4: what is direct tax…wat is indirect tax?
    I xpained clearly with examples
    Over ….they said u can leave now
    ….before leaving room….i told the madam that i know his name(brics bank chairman)…..but i am unable to recollect…she smiled and said…”u wil get it slowly after u go out”

  2. I have one character certificate issued from my college. And I have only the scanned copy of the character certificate issued by branch manager of nationalised bank. Will that work?

      1. does only mobile app helps me to achieve d goal…
        if yes then which app u want me to prefer…
        if not, please guide me more tips..
        thank you for ur first reply…

  3. pls suggest me how to prepr for sbi po gd n pi n also let me know that i can speak in hindi in or not in gd n pi coz i cannot speak so fluently in english . if english is not compulsory it will be very helpful.

    1. Most often the language of GD is English only.You do not have to be fluent you need to put your point backed by logic in easy and understandable language.Moreover if Hindi is used by candidates you are free to use it

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