WBSEDCL Assistant Engineer question paper answers tips

WBSEDCL Assistant and Sub Assistant Recruitment

Every year WBSEDCL schedules entrance examination for recruitment of Assistant engineers and sub assistant engineers.The recruitment process consist of two stages.The first stage is written test.Candidates successful in written test appear for interview.The various trades in which WBSEDCL recruits are

  • Electrical
  • Civil
  • IT
  • HR & A
  • F & A
  • Medical Officer

The Assistant and Sub Assistant recruitment offers good chance for technical candidates to grab a Government job.There are not much IT jobs on offer in Government sector so IT officer post is great opportunity for IT graduates to get an exciting job.

The pay package of Assistant as well as Sub Assistant Officers are very good and at par with other Government entities.The posting is also within West Bengal.So if you want to stay in West Bengal then this is an excellent opportunity for you.

The vacancies are good for Electrical post (both for Assistant and Sub Assistant posts) compared to other posts.The reason is well understood as WBSEDCL is dealing with Electricity.Electrical graduates and Diploma holders have favorable vacancy to applying ratio.

The applying to vacancy ratio for other posts are not as favorable as Electrical posts.The reason being large number of candidates and less number of posts.The most unfavorable ratio is for IT position.Never the less the company does offer exciting career for all streams.

WBSEDCL Assistant and Sub Assistant Written test format

Written test question paper comprises of two sections Objective questions and Descriptive questions.Out of these two sections objective carries more marks.The descriptive is only of 10 marks.So candidates should pay more importance to objective question paper.

  • Total marks in Written test – 150 marks
  • Total marks in objective section Written test – 140 marks
  • Total marks in descriptive section Written test – 10 marks
  • Total questions in objective section Written test – 140
  • Total questions in descriptive section Written test – 1

Descriptive section will have only one question.It will be an essay in English on common topic.We will discuss more about it later in the post.The objective section is divided into sub sections mentioned below.Each of the questions carry one marks each.

  • General Awareness – 15 questions
  • Reasoning – 15 questions
  • Numerical Analysis – 15 questions
  • English – 15 questions
  • Domain knowledge – 80 questions
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The duration of objective section is 120 minutes. The duration is same for Assistant Engineer post,Sub Assistant Engineer post and Nurse post.So you will get less than a minute to work on a question.This requires efficient time management on your part to succeed in exams.For sub assistant engineer the question paper pattern is bit different

  • General Awareness – 15 questions
  • Reasoning – 15 questions
  • Numerical Analysis – 15 questions
  • English – 15 questions
  • Domain knowledge – 90 questions

In year 2014 notification for recruitment of Nurse position is also published.The written test format for Nurse exams is

  • General Awareness – 10 questions
  • Reasoning – 10 questions
  • Numerical Analysis – 10 questions
  • English – 10 questions
  • Domain knowledge – 80 questions

WBSEDCL question paper Common Sections

The WBSEDCL objective question paper has following divisions

  • Quantitative aptitude
  • Logical reasoning
  • Current affairs
  • Professional knowledge
  • English

Out of above sections only professional knowledge section differs for candidates belonging to different trades.Candidates of electrical,civil and IT will have common questions in other sections.The pattern remains the same for all trades.The sections remains the same for Sub assistant engineer and Nurse post.But difficulty level of questions will be less.

I am listing brief details of each section and syllabus of the same.I have also listed sample questions on these sections.You can download sample questions along with answers from links given at end of the post.

WBSEDCL question paper Quantitative aptitude questions

The quantitative aptitude section test your analytical skill.Speed and accuracy to solve questions is the key.You will find easy as well as tough questions.So selection of questions is important.Some of the questions are very time consuming but simple.The syllabus of Quantitative aptitude covers below sections

  • Profit and Loss
  • Percentage,Average and Mixture problems
  • Simple Algebric Equations
  • Speed and Time,Work and Time
  • Interest rate problems
  • Trigonometry
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WBSEDCL question paper Logical reasoning questions

Logical reasoning section tests your logical skill.The questions are tricky and some are complicated.You need to choose which to attempt and which to leave.This choice become extremely important so that you can give appropriate time to other sections.The common problems asked can be divided into following groups

  • Round Table problems
  • Sequencing problems (Queue problems)
  • Data Analysis problems

WBSEDCL question paper Current affairs questions

WBSEDCL objective question paper comprises of General Awareness and Current Affairs section as well.The questions may not seem too complicated but are tricky.You can find common questions like Who is head of UNO.You should really read newspaper regularly to answer this section.

The number of questions belonging to this section is not much but is important for scoring good marks.
The other benefit of this section is it can be high scoring but less time consuming.This will help you concentrate on time consuming sections Logical reasoning and Quantitative aptitude.

WBSEDCL question paper English questions

The questions asked in English section can be divided into below groups

  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Sentence Correction
  • Spotting Errors
  • Comprehension

WBSEDCL question paper Professional knowledge questions

This section differs for each trade.You will get questions depending upon your trade.For example if you are from electrical then you will get questions from electrical and if you are from Civil you will get questions from Civil.

Now there are rumours about WBSEDCL syllabus for Civil,Electrical and IT.The syllabus is your core technical subjects covered in 2nd year and 3rd year of Engineering or Diploma courses.Now if that looks too much to you (which really is thanks to our education system) you can filter it further.Just think which subjects deal with technologies to be used in WBSEDCL.This is not tough you can easily figure that out.

Lets understand this with an example.According to my statement above the syllabus for IT.There are many subjects in IT related to programming,computer architecture and operating system.But are these important to WBSEDCL.No they are not that important.For WBSEDCL Database Management Systems is important and Networking is important.WBSEDCL also has website so eCommerce and e security are also important.You should focus on these subjects for professional paper.

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WBSEDCL question paper Descriptive questions

The descriptive question paper is given to candidates once they have finished answering the objective part.It is of 20 marks so many candidates do not pay attention to this paper.But you should take it seriously as well.The reason is every single marks count in competitive exam.

In descriptive paper you will have to write essays on topics given in the paper.The essay topics may not be related to your trade (electrical,civil,IT or any other). Below is the list of essays in 2010 examination as informed by one of the candidates (IT) (three topics were given)

  • Usage of Non renewable resources of electricity
  • My best day in life

So practice writing essays.It might be the difference maker for you.

WBSEDCL free online test series

Below are links to free online test series of WBSEDCL exams. You should practice them before exams as each one of them are unique.

WBSEDCL exam book

I would suggest reading the core subject books of your engineering discipline or other trade for professional knowledge.Professional knowledge section focuses on core subjects.For example for IT Database Management System and Networking are core subjects.So you should focus more on these subjects.

But if you want dedicated book for WBSEDCL Assistant exam then you can buy below one (note the preparation material is sufficient for preparation but many candidates asked me for book to follow hard copy) so it is for them

Click Here for Recommended WBSEDCL Books

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