WBSEDCL interview questions answers and tips

What makes WBSEDCL interview tough?

Lack of time

WBSEDCL assistant engineer and sub-assistant engineer recruitment written test results are just declared.Successful candidates have received communication about downloading their interview admit cards.Every year WBSEDCL does not provide you enough time to prepare for interview after written test result declaration.

So due to lack of time between written test result declaration and interview date Candidates do not get enough time to prepare for interview.This under preparedness does lessen their chances.You can prepare well ahead of written test result declaration but it is hard to motivate yourself for that.

Technical nature of interview

The post of Assistant Engineer and Sub Assistant Engineer is technical one.The eligibility criteria for these posts are either Degree and Diploma in respective Engineering discipline.So all you have learned in four years course in Degree and three year course in Diploma is part of your interview syllabus (on theory basis).

So technical questions asked in Interview have vast scope.The technical nature of interview does make it difficult for candidates to prepare for interview.The lack of time due to reasons mentioned above does add to this issue.


Over the years these posts does attract experienced candidates as well.I have seen candidates working in IT MNC’s appearing for these interviews.This does make it very competitive for fresher candidates.Also for experienced candidates it gets tough if they face technical interview panel.The might not have enough time to brush up the subjects or topics prior to interview.So experienced and freshers both candidates have issues but different in nature.

WBSEDCL interview preparation tips

Above problems does make WBSEDCL interviews tough for a candidate.Proper planning and interview appearance is important for getting success.The time between written test result declaration and interview should be used efficiently and productively.Sometimes candidates do get nervous which hampers their preparation.

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I have prepared a detailed document about things to take care of during above mentioned period and during interview.It would help you focus more on preparation.It will also give you idea about common mistakes to be avoided during interview.You can download the complete document using this download link.

WbSEDCL interview process

You will have to sit in a hall along with other candidates.Candidates will be called one by one.You should arrange all your documents as mentioned in the interview admit card.You should carry two photo copies of each document and create two identical sets with one photo copy in each set.

Your photo copy documents will be verified with original ones with in the interview hall.In case you have forgot to bring any one of the documents mentioned in admit card then you will have to give written undertaking.You will have to mention that you will produce these documents before joining (giving a probable date of producing these documents).If you do not produce those documents on that period your candidature will be cancelled.After verification of documents you will have to wait for your turn.You will move to a separate interview room for interview.

WBSEDCL interview panels

WBSEDCL interview panels consists of three persons.This is in accordance with most Government job interviews like IBPS,IES and others.The person in middle is main interviewer.One person scans your documents and does ask one or two questions towards end of interview.He also notes your

The main interviewer and other interviewer ask majority of questions.During last recruitment candidates said that experienced candidates were send to interview panel mainly asking HR questions with one or two technical questions.The fresher candidates were send to technical panels and were mainly asked technical questions.

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Candidates often reported that marks of class X,class XII and graduation were taken into consideration while interview.In my opinion also marks does have some weight-age in interview.

WBSEDCL interview marks distribution

Though I do not have verified and detailed data to prove marks distribution pattern given by me below but I think this is more or less close accurate.WBSEDCL also does not provide any idea about marks distribution in interview.

In my opinion below factors are taken into account while calculating your total marks in interview

  • Percentage of marks in class X along with board of it.
  • Percentage of marks in class XII along with board of it.
  • Percentage of marks in Engineering along with College name.
  • Number of questions answered in Interview
  • Your chances to join WBSEDCL
  • Body language and other factors while interview
  • Extra curricular activities and certifications and awards won

WBSEDCL interview questions

WBSEDCL interview questions can be divided into two parts

  • Technical Questions
  • HR questions

Technical Questions

Technical questions are mainly asked to fresher candidates.As stated above the subjects to be covered for technical interview is vast.But you some subjects are very important for interview compared to other subjects.

You should have idea about the subjects from written test.Written test does give you insight about the important subjects for these posts.You can make a list of those topics and subjects from which majority of questions were asked in written test.

These topics and subjects are important for interviews as well.You should revisit basic concepts of these topics and subjects.Recall your practical interview questions and semester objective questions asked from these topics and subjects.

They will not ask you any descriptive question but will ask only concept based objective question.It is difficult to give exact questions to be asked in interview as these depends on interviewer.Questions does change with time and previous year question might not be asked to you this year.

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For example candidates applying for IT post should expect questions from Database Management systems and Networking.The questions are conceptual but not very difficult.Candidates with knowledge of Oracle or certification in networking should mention that in detail.It would be of added benefit.

Candidates from Electrical Engineering background or applying for Electrical post should focus more on concepts of Transformers,Generator and Motors.These are required in Electric generation company.So interviewers mainly focus on these topics.

Candidates should not expect direct questions like definition of something or any formula but real world situations which requires concepts.For example Why we store data in tables instead of files? or Why AC current is used instead of DC current?

HR questions

HR questions are majorly asked to the experienced candidates.The reason is they want to make sure whether candidates will join WBSEDCL .Couple of questions is also asked to fresher candidates as well.HR questions are mostly standard ones and some are situational ones.

I have created detailed document covering questions asked in the interview.I have also included pointers on preparing answers to these type of questions.You can download the same using the download links given at the end of the post.

WBSEDCL interview free downloads

You can also download Interview questions with answers and Interview tips and tricks from below link.These will be very helpful in your interview.

Click here to download

Recommended WBSEDCL book


You can post your specific questions and any queries below.Consider sharing the post

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