WBSEDCL office executive computer proficiency test

WBSEDCL Computer Proficiency Test Details

WBSEDCL recently released results of written examination held for office executive posts.I congratulate to students clearing the examinations (I have received comments from few who have cleared the exams).They also wanted me to come up with an article on computer proficiency test.

As mentioned in the office executive requirement advertisement WBSEDCL will test students on subjects like MS office.The test is online one and it is practical in nature.I have come up with questions asked in Computer proficiency test along with those in other exams.It will help candidates preparing for WBSEDCL computer proficiency test.

You can download and install the application for free on your Android phones.It is collection of questions along with answers.In case of any questions do let me know.The download or install link of the app is (Computer app Google Play link).You can also search Google Play (Android App store) with my name Esha Upadhyay to get the apps

WBSEDCL Computer Proficiency Test topics

The most important topics for Computer Proficiency test are Microsoft Office packages like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. You will get practical questions from these packages.The questions will test you preparation and familiarity with these tools.

So it is important to do hands on with these tools before appearing for exams.In the Computer Proficiency online test I have created many questions targeting these tools.You should practice the online tests and the Computer App.These two things will help you great deal in clearing the exams.

Below I have outlined topics you can practice.These topics will be of use in Practical test.Note the practical test is very important for you in getting job.You will have to clear this exam else you will not be considered for Interview.Speed and accuracy is also important for this test.

So before exams you should practice working on computers for sometime.This will improve your typing speed.Typing speed will help you write Essay or Article type of questions faster.This is not a typing test or speed test with having this skill will improve your chances of selection.

Microsoft excel

They may ask you to enter value of ten items and display sum on eleventh row.Instead of sum other functions like percentage,average may also be asked.Prepare for multiple column questions as well.Excel is something which would be used most of the times during your tenure as executive so this is a must have skill.Try to learn different excel features but do not need to go in depth.Saving the file,opening the file and creating multiple sheets,color options,writing multiples lines in single column may be the questions.

From my point of view do not try to learn hard things offered by excel just learn the basics.But it is important not to leave any one of the basic operations (mainly arithmetic ones).

Microsoft Word

It is second office package item which you should be master at.Many will say it is easy tool and can be easily mastered.But do not get mistaken or carried away.Practice it hard.Again same as excel do not go for harder stuff but basic skills would do.Things like creating tables,formatting,writing an essay or letter in a specific format are key questions that may appear this year.

Microsoft PowerPoint

This is yet another important component of Microsoft Office.It is also important for your exams as well.PowerPoint is great tool for creating presentations.Presentations are becoming important method of representing your information.You may face question on this one as well.

Familiarity with this tool will help you in creating good slides or presentations in less time.Very few candidates practice Microsoft PowerPoint.Most of them pay more time to Excel or Word as they are more popular.Also it is expected that questions will be from them only.

Typing speed

Typing speed may not be mentioned anywhere but they will test it.So start practicing it.You do not require very fast speed but average speed will do.Try to remove the errors while typing as it would increase your final output.This will be tested along with Microsoft word test.

Generic Computer Questions

I would recommend you learn about basic computer operation.In my mobile App as well as online tests I have compiled questions falling in this category along with Microsoft Office questions.You should use those two resources along with computer document to practice and learn these questions.

These questions are designed to test your basic computer knowledge.You should be aware of basic computer terms and terminologies. You can download the Computer document for free using this link.

Click here to download

WBSEDCL Office Executive Recommended book

I would recommend using IBPS Clerk book for WBSEDCL Office executive preparation. The standard of questions is same and the book will help in both exams. The materials shared above are more than enough if followed properly. But many candidates ask for books for them you can refer below book

Click Here for Recommended WBSEDCL Books


Above I have explained and outlined different topics important for Computer Proficiency test.In case you have any questions or want to share anything feel free to do so.

Consider sharing this post in case you found it useful.

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  1. the last comment regarding the medical test was not posted by me…..i request admin…delete this comment…..some one used my name…please admin delete this comment……..

  2. OE er medical er kono letter ki by post asbe??medical test er din ki document niye jete hobe???please reply dile valo hoy….

  3. Dear friends, I have called the director office of WBSEDCL today… they gave me two number for asking any queries related to recruitment. These are: 033-23598379/033-23598390. Calling to the first number, a person picked the phone up and said, “That particular process is going on in a priority basis. We can not give any information regarding that. We are sorry. We are still on-wards”. It created a confusion…. God knows when it will come out… You may also try at that number… and pls dont forget to share what did they say ..

  4. Madam, is there any chance that the result of je and oe will come out in this month or it will be delayed?????

  5. Can anybody plss tell when will the final result come out???? and will be there a list of successful candidates or only will the successful candidates receive a mail???????? please mam reply……….

    1. God knows… I have tried the Help Desk number many times. Bt its “Either switched off or out of reach”. Interestingly, yesterday I called just after office hour(i.e. 10 AM to 5PM) at 6 PM, and the phone rang. A person picked it up… I asked, “WBSEDCL”? He thought for a while and said “NO, Wrong Number”.

      For WBPDCL also, same thing happened, the written xam was conducted on 29th March… bt they had yet not published the written result for the ost of OE. Regularly I call them in office hours. Its a land line number. But yesterday I called at around 6PM, same thing happened as it was for SEDCL.

        1. actually its quite late regarding the result to be published unlike previous two phases…that’s why i am quite perplexed that the result has been already published or not…………

          1. Exactly… I can’t concentrate… until and unless the result comes out. It will be positive or negative, that’s another matter, but this wait with suspension essentially drawing the attention to someplace else. R u preparing for SBI PO? BOB PO Manipal result is out. Did you qualify? GD and Interview is going to start from 6th June.

  6. Madam please tell me ,how many weeks WBSEDCL generaly takes to declair final result of assistant engineer post after interview process held?
    intervw held on 13-14 feb this year but result still not declaired.

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