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WBSEDCL Office executive details

WBSEDCL (West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company) office executive post examination has become one important exams for candidates belonging from West Bengal in recent years. WBSEDCL office executive recruitment process comprises of below stages

  • Written Test
  • Computer proficiency test
  • Interview

I have written separate articles on Written test and Computer Proficiency test.You can read the articles on Written test (click here) and Computer Proficiency test (click here). Candidates successful in above two exams appear for Interview.I have not mentioned Medical test in recruitment process as it is not an exam. Candidates successful in Interview are called for Medical tests.

You should also read through the comment section of this post.Candidates have shared their experience along with questions asked to them.They have also shared their doubts and other information which will be of great use to new students preparing for Interview.

So along with the article read through the comments.They will provide knowledge to you.

WBSEDCL Office executive free downloads

I would recommend you to download these documents.They will help you prepare for your interview.You should download both of them for best preparation.The documents are Interview tips and Interview questions.These documents will help you in other exams as well.

You should read the documents carefully and try to implement things mentioned in them.The Interview tips document is very important.As it mentions things you should be doing in Interview hall and things you should not be doing in interview hall.

Click here to download

WBSEDCL Office executive interview planning

Interviews are conducted after Computer proficiency test.Since there is not much gap in Computer proficiency test and Interviews Candidates should start preparing for interview immediately.Proper planning is required to clear the interview. WBSEDCL will call candidates in ratio of 1:3 or 1:4.This means that if there is one vacancy then 3 or 4 candidates will be called for the interview.

This ratio makes interview tough.So to clear the interviews you need to outperform other candidates.In past I have seen many candidates talking about interview list order.By that list they want to guess about marks.But does that really matters.You should not worry about those things.You have to appear for interview (or will appear for it) whether your name is top of list or bottom of list.

Doing research on list is just wastage of time.You might get nervous listening to different rumors.For example if your name near the last and you hear it is based on marks then before interview you think it is all over.Please do not get distracted by these news.All these rumors and research just make your way tougher.

You should invest time in preparing answers for possible questions.Improving your interview skills and polishing your communication skills.This will help you in interview not the research or time wastage to figure out interview list order criteria.

WBSEDCL Office executive interview tips

Candidates often put lot of pressure on themselves during interview or before interview.The nervousness is easily understood.They are one step away from getting job in reputed company.The gravity of situation and people around you add to this pressure.Starting from the day your name featured in interview list to the day interview result is declared you are in immense pressure.

Due to above reasons I have come up with some tips to help you in this period.The tips tutorial lists below

  • Tips before interview
  • Tips in Interview hall
  • Tips during interview

As usual you can download the tips tutorial for free from the download link provided at the end of the post.

WBSEDCL office executive interview questions

WBSEDCL Office executive interview mainly focuses on HR questions.Ability of Candidate is already judged by written test and computer proficiency.So there is lack of technical questions.The factors which play important part in Interview are

  • Your marks in class X
  • Your marks in class XII
  • Computer knowledge proficiency certificate
  • Other achievements in Sports or extra curricular activities
  • Interview performance

I have listed WBSEDCL office executive interview questions along with possible answers.You can download the questions and answers document the download link provided above.

Need Help

I have tried to answer most common questions in mind of candidates.But in case you have any questions or doubts then Feel free to post your queries using comment form below.

Consider sharing this post in case you found it useful.

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  1. Maam i am not selected in the interview of wbsedcl ..is there any chances of 2nd list candidates or is there any waiting list available.
    Please inform maam

  2. Hlw i m too waiting for the result of interview for the post of office executive. One of my friends got a call from there. Did any1 get any call here. Plz reply Contact 8906858629 watsup or fb

  3. Downloaded your material on interview. Its really good. But it is mainly Banking based..Do you have any mat particularly on WBSEDCL office executive interview.

      1. HI Esha, Do u know when the interview results of Office Executive going to be published??? It’s been almost a month and they already published the the results of AM(HR) and AM(F)…But still no update for OE post.

        1. Hlw i m too waiting for the result of interview for the post of office executive. One of my friends got a call from there. Did any1 get any call here. Plz reply Contact 8906858629 watsup or fb

  4. Hello Miss Esha, I am a B Tech in Computer Science Engineering. I applied for Office Executive and clearedthe first two steps. I don’t have any other Computer Proficiency certificates except my B Tech Certificate. Is it going to be accepted as a doc of Computer Proficiency?

  5. maam could not find the interview questions of office executive..i also went through all the comment pages(i.e all of 290 pages)..please send me the link or file..please help
    thank you/
    my email nileshbhagat42@yahoo.com

    1. maam i also have made a mistake while filling the form ie in the marks of 12th .. in application form it is 76% but it actually is 76.5%..
      will it matter in the time of interview?

      if anybody has some answer please reply…i am worried ..

      1. Maam can’t download and questions… Tried all your steps Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google plus but no results… No link and i exactly did what you have asked to do in the steps .

        What to do? I need your help..

  6. Maam i m unable to download ur interview question and tips from the link. I tried many Times. Also i shared as was instructed but in vain. Please help me. Urgent request.

      1. Plz do it as fast as possible.. I want to prepare my best so to give my best.. Plzzzzzz Or send me the qurstions and tips directly on my mail. Plzz


  8. madam i gave my interview on 5th april 2015 for junior executive finance post..
    can u pls tell me when shall the result be out

  9. Ma’am,
    What are the medical standards for AE/OE in WBSEDCL?
    Incidentally, I have post-operated eyes with 6/6 vision in left and 6/18 in right(which fluctuates a bit) eye respectively.
    Plz reply.

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